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I just got mine and can confirm in the latest batch from Tiger, that my board is all blue LEDs. Also my | and \ button works just fine.
I don't have my board yet, but I can answer question #2. As for #1, if there is an adjustment, it will probably be in the switches on the back of the board. I think I've read somewhere what they do, but can't remember the exact settings. I know there's one for example to disable the windows key.The larger buttons have stabilizers on them to distribute the key onto the switch, so that's why they are more prone to squeaking and feel different. It may need some lube,...
google found this
Tiger restocked. I got a blue LED board with MX reds on the way, can't wait to play with it!
1) OCZ, Crucial, Intel 2) Performance/price ratio Thanks!
Always wanted one, awesome, thanks!
As the title says, I'm basically looking for an iphone 3GS at a fair price that's running a baseband of less than 5.13.04, because I intend to unlock it and use it on T-Mobile. Please let me know what you have. Price is obviously dependent on the size 8/16/32GB and condition. edit: found what I was looking for, thanks.
A piece of history, in!
awesome, thanks ocn and ocz!
sold to townending
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