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Count me in!
I got this as a gift and already have a 6950, so I have no need for this. It's brand new in box (with upc and everything), unregistered. Here is the card: $315 shipped obo by paypal in the lower 48 states. sold to townending Trades: iPhone 3GS with a baseband of 5.13 or less or a Razer Mamba 2012 Only Please PM me what you got! heatware under idr4gon
If you like linear with a lower actuation weight, then reds sounds perfect for you.
Definitely get the quality U2711 Dell over the Acers!
Quote: Originally Posted by XMAGUSX Aesthetics, want something quieter than what simple air cooling can achieve, etc. People here need to realize that watercooling isn't only for better cooling for better overclocking...I get one of these questions in like every topic about quiet/low-flow stuff. And no fan controller because I don't want to sacrifice the space for it in the small case I'll be using (Antec P180 Mini). Plus, why get it to undervolt a...
Quote: Originally Posted by dudemanppl Found a D2X for 675 so I'm gonna have a D2X and D2H! D2X is temporary though. Where'd you find it for so cheap?
Quote: Originally Posted by laboitenoire Just uploaded a bunch of new photos to my Flickr. Realized that I've barely touched it in the six weeks I've had the camera. gotta provide some links man! I haven't touched mine in weeks until today either, but here's what I got.
Quote: Originally Posted by dubletke ok now im really leaning toward the rebel xs. It seems to outperform the t1i and with the remote i can do the time lapse. With what mz-n10 has shown me i can do everything i need and still have a great camera in the budget that i have. So i think for now my mind maybe made up unless something very promising is proven to me. But since i wont have all my money for a couple more weeks when i get rid of the rest of my...
Yeah, since it's in your budget the T2i will run circles around the T1i.
The canon can do it with a remote intervalometer that plugs into the side port. For that budget, I'd say you could look into the Nikon D90 or Canon 50D. These are probably going to get updated soon if you can wait a couple months. You really can't go wrong with either the D5000 or T1i. Try them both, see what you like. There are tons of comparisons online since the two came out at about the same time. It is worth noting that the T1i has a slightly better video mode and a...
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