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You could probably find a Canon 7D kit with that kind of budget.
Quote: Originally Posted by Weedvender I dunno. I don't really like the 50mm f1.8 Maybe my EF-S 17-55mm spoils me. Theres something about the photos that come out of that lens that seem a little, off. Almost stale. At least my lens that is. You can't compare a $1000+ lens to a $100 lens.... Yes, this is a cheaply-built lens, but it can take some decent pictures.
I actually think the T2i has better stills than the 50D. DXO marks the sensor as being quite a bit higher.
Quote: Originally Posted by mz-n10 canon really doesnt make good starter cameras. the xsi is rather dated, easily bested by the sony a500, pentax k-x and the olympus e-640 or epl-1. and for the price of the t2i, a pentax k7 could be had. canon really makes impressive 50d+ class bodies. but if you have friend taht already shoot canon, or some EOS is the natural choice. Canon makes excellent entry-level cameras (T2i). Nikon on the...
50mm F/1.8!! An excellent budget lens.
Quote: Originally Posted by equetefue well guys, you aint going to belive this one. Closed on Friday at 6pm right. Saturday i worked on house all day and left at 9pm. Get to house on Sunday at 4pm to find it's been broken into and they took my fridge !!! Neighborhood opened for 3 years, very upscale, NEVER has the cops been called in there, and I have to be the first one. Interesting enough everyone including police and builder said it was an inside...
Wahh? Why? A350 is sold (elsewhere), lol that was fast. You moving to strictly primes? Man, a couple of my friends have really jumped on the prime train. I can't say I understand. I love my zooms!
What is it with you and Marin? I would love some TT gear or a Crumpler 7MDH. They both make excellent bags. Guys, I'm selling my old A350, actually, it's really not that old. Less than 3500 clicks. It just needs a lens and a home .
You get A LOT less depth of field! You're gonna want a macro lens .
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