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D-tek Fuzion....?
Yup, totally doable with some creativity as marcus has shown. A.C. Ryan has grills or you could easily make your own with 120mm fan grills.
It's your best bet right now. Great bang for the buck. Good luck!
Yup, you clearly didn't read the help did you?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatsthatsmell 10/10 perfect cables I like the colors and lights. Your cm690 is awesome. The flat board keeping the case raised off of the ground is a nice touch. I keep mine on a board too. the fans need grill guards. :\\ 7/10 IMO, too many colors working here.... way too many actually. You also don't need so many zip ties and the UV light on the bottom is most random.
yikes, that dose sound like you! hahah..... hmmm. Mine's on water and my universal block which worked for my 2900xt, 3870, and now my 4850 works just as good. Loading is always under 40°C. wooo red tide? lol. try contacting thermaltake.
Quote: Originally Posted by christian_piper Nice bokeh and great tips! You really HH that last one for an entire second? Quote: Originally Posted by tkl.hui What do you guys think of this pic I took? I did some minor adjustments of contrast. Looks nice, reminds me of running around the forest in crysis.
These are the size for the thermochill rads, is that right? they look very nice!
What client are you using? Just navigate to the directory and refresh, it's pretty straightforward.
EK has top notch FC blocks.
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