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Most definitely in
Thanks for the guide! I do have a question: how do I go about configuring HFM to monitor my progress in the VM within windows?
Been using Avast Free Antivirus for over a year. I have it on my dads laptop, my laptop and installed it on every PC that I installed windows on. None had any trouble with viruses. Best in my book.
I'm in!
The cheaper one is the better choice since they're basically the same. Both have 64mb cache. There is no real difference between 64 and 32 mb of cache so if you decide to go with a WD Blue, its still a good choice.
Ok keep testing
Does this also happen when running small fft or large offt or is it only under blend? Its kinda weird ... sounds like one thread is failing.
All 8 threads running in prime?
That PSU will be just enough for two 480s. Just don't go crazy with the voltage and run furmark and you'll be just fine. Cooling wise, you should get decent temps with that setup. Nothing great but definitely a lot better than with the stock cooler.
It wont. I'm guessing you're mostly limited by the 2GB vram more than your GPU power. Sell them all and invest in a better config. Something with at least 4GB of vram per GPU.
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