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Count me in if you can pay shipping! I have been out of the computer scene for a while and am finally getting back, slowly. I used to spend 8 hours a day on this site, then came the baby...... Good luck everyone!!
Quote: Originally Posted by 1337LutZ *expresses interest from Europe* I have 2 of them. Is it the Acrylic or the aluminium? aluminum
Quote: Originally Posted by srsparky32 that **** would annoy me so much lol good luck with the sale however on a forum like ocn i dont think it'll get sold. Yeah I don't sell anything thats not 100% here on OCN. I will be selling on Craigslist unless someone here expresses an interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by MeeMoo220 PS: A pic of the screen showing where teh dead pixel is would be very helpful. Also, can't u send it in for warranty? I am not the original owner so I don't know about warranty. And the pixel is just to the left of the center of the screen. Not a good spot for a dead pixel
I have an apple cinema display LCD 20" with 1 dead pixel. Great cosmetic condition. I have the power brick so it can be used with any computer or laptop, not just apple products. If anyone's interested just PM me.
$175 on Craigslist Not sure on OCN, have not been around much lately
$35 for the CPU and $15 for the HDD
any more?
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