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If anyone wants it, PM me, it's ready to go.
Whats it worth. It is the stock clocked version, but overclocks well. I was able to run through all 3dmarks at 1Ghz core with a slight voltage bump. This card comes with 3 year warranty, and like ASUS motherboards you don't need the receipt because it is from the manufacture date Only used for a couple weeks. Score 19,300 in 3Dmark06 with my sig rig.
What are they worth?
Guys, I hate to do this to you, but I am officially out of this competition. I am losing my house and will be selling my rig and pretty much everything else to try and save it. Please try and find a replacement for me.
I score over 19,000 with my E8600 and 4890. Both overclocked, but still. Sounds like maybe a driver issue. Also are you running the bench at default settings or a higher resolution?
They are indeed different sticks. In the review they are covered by the EVP to 2.35v. The ones I linked and am asking about are covered by EVP to only 2.2v
I sold my 2 week old BFG GTX285 OC2 for $280 shipped about 1.5 month ago, so maybe a little under that.
Quote: Originally Posted by vnv727 Out of curiosity, how do you all seem to have bent your pins at some point? Just bad luck over a few hundred builds or.... It's an AMD thing. I use to have nothing but AMD stuff around. Became PRO at fixing bent pins
Those are not the same sticks though. If you look in the review the stock voltage is different from the sticks I am asking about. The sticks I am asking about have 2.1v for stock. The reviews sticks are 2.3v stock.
Just like the title says, I can seem to find out which IC's are on these sticks. I have been offered 4x1Gb of them, but I don't want them unless they can OC. Here is the manufacturer product page:
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