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I have also just been recruited for a job on the other side of the state and may not be able to compete. I will do my best of course. But if someone wants the E team I can be replaced for sure.
I have done this for testing my WC loop before. Plug the psu in first. As far as load goes, I had fans and a pump installed on mine when I did this, so I say throw a single fan on there and it will work just fine. I think I was scared of getting shocked whe I did this so I use a pair of needle nose pliers to insert the paper clip. Not sure if that is needed or not though Also, I have a very nice BFG 550w modular PSU that was only used for a couple weeks when I was doing...
UD3R FTW!! Actually have been thinking of giving ASUS another shot at my money. This may be it!!
You should be able to go straight to 1000 core, 1200 mem without touching voltage. You have the TOP edition which should OC better than my ASUS Vanilla. I can go 975 1175 without voltage, need 1.4v to get 1000 core. Keep an eye on temps, and turn the fan speed up if they get hot. Simple as that
Not sure about anyone else, but scanning for artifacts for 8+ hours on a completely untested OC may not be a good idea? It is not like orthos where it stops if it errors and no longer loads the CPU. ATItool will continue to load the GPU even if it is giving errors, which may mean 8+ hours of artifacting
Ready for the knee-jerk reaction for your question? hehe Can it max out Crysis? ROFL Seriously, Play some Crysis with a bunch of eye candy on. Or go for Crysis warhead. I am no gamer, so when I get a GPU with more power, the first thing I do is run all the 3dmarks EDIT: ^^^ beat me to it LOL
Sorry to double post, but here is just 1 example of technology advancing in that direction. Project Natal for the Xbox 360. Going to use facial recognition, voice recognition, and full body recognition. Not exactly the mind\\brain interface I was talking about in my previous post, but we are headed there for sure. YouTube - Project Natal ..
I hear discussions similar to this all the time, and I have to remind people. How many times in the past have we looked at something and thought, or said, "there is really no way to top this!". Especially in technology, which advances so fast. Who is to say the next thing will not be a true "virtual reality", or somehow the graphics cards will link directly with our brain, effectively bypassing the limits of our eyes, and the limits of monitor resolution. I don't know, I...
I got a couple fresh 9600GT's from RMA. If interested PM me.
Hmmmm, no Geekbench? I would REP you Mr. Brown, but I can't, so will have to do
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