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You will be hard pressed to get more than $30 for a 2x1 kit. Unless they are stock 1200 or something. With the 2x2 kits form OCZ it pretty much killed the price of 2x1 kits.
With some of the games you mentioned you will want the 4890, trust me. And the price on them right now is pretty good. I paid $250 for mine. That was before all the OC'd models came out and the prices dropped.
Quote: Originally Posted by tubers SLI/xfire = microstutter? Not lately
I use ATItool for ATI cards and Furmark for Nvidia. So I can't really vote.
If it's a fresh install, that was installed with the card already in the machine, then Safe Mode will not help and it sounds like a problem with the graphics card itself.
Buy a kit of my D9 based ram. Less then $45 and will OC to over 1200 for those late night benching sessions. . .
Buy my 9600GT's, NOW!!!! Really, just sell yours and buy a slightly better card. Trying to do the mobo trade thing is just too complicated and has a poor Price\\Performance\\Pain in the Ass factor.
Quote: Originally Posted by dlee7283 best thing to do is downgrade and use the extra money to buy her something That is if you want to be in like Flint when she gets back! No, you upgrade. Then sell the old parts, and use THAT money to buy her something
I would say about $150 if you actually want it to sell.
I got a couple 9600GT Super Clock cards and was wondering what PPD they would fetch? Core 675 Shader 1675 mem 900
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