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Anyone know where you can buy these in the US?
Absolutely awesome, I wish I had this a couple weeks ago BOOKMARKED!!! REP+
The more processes you can kill the better your score will be. See guide here: Also, HT off for 03 and 05 will usually net you about 200 more points is what I have been hearing a lot. Memory speed is a must, but keep timings moderately tight. I usually figure stock timings, max OC, then try and tighten sub timings. EDIT: And for GPU it will depend on what you have, I know the 4890's get more from GPU than mem.
I would say around $125 for the 2 192 core cards, and about $160 for the BFG.
Since I got laid off I have crap internetz
I bought 3 of these about a year ago. Awesome cases. I still have 1 NIB in my spare bedroom
Just throwing a guess based on some SS RAID's I have done, but if you went with a small Short Stroked partition, I think you could see in the 4.x range
Yeah, both are SSC and coming in from RMA. I just got the tracking info. Too bad I don't have an SLI board My E8600 can run 5Ghz 3dmark01 on air!
The problem with ATI cards and Furmark is that it overheats the VRM very fast. Absolute torture. And yes, you can OC an ATI card and have it perfectly stable through all your other benches and games, even with acceptable temps, then run Furmark and kill your card. I did it with a 4850
In Catalyst Control Center, make sure all your sliders are moved to performance instead of quality. Then OC that chip a little bit more, and you will break 20k I think.
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