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Quote: Originally Posted by d3v0 Yeah haha and its default at that speed, I wonder if it would hit 800 We will see. I got 2 fresh from RMA that should be here soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patch Thanks. I won't RAID em then. I'll just have an extra for an XP drive for 2D benching.. Yep, I been thinking about breaking my RAID and doing the same. Otherwise I just know I will corrupt my OS again and have to redo everything. Plus then I can swap between OS's with ease
@Patch: looks like RAID makes no difference in any of these benchmarks. I was gonna order a couple SSD's, but after looking in to the benches, I changed my mind
I bought the PSU is my sig (OCZ 700w GameXstream), and I bought it used. I have used it for about a year, and think it's time to let it go. So I am wondering if the Silverstone OP750 is any good. Prefer advice from experienced and knowledgeable people with possible references. Posts like "Silverstone is awesome" are kinda useless to me.
I just want to get an idea of what it is worth. Card only. 9600GT EVGA SSC edition Single slot cooler FRESH FROM RMA!! . .
Quote: Originally Posted by OverVolter you upgrade only to earn 3dmark points? ouch Quote: Originally Posted by ridn3y why not? I KNEW it. You are a benching whore also!!
Will Valid Hwbot entries count? If so Put me up there on that list 3dMark 03 - 75847 3dMark 05 - 28755 3dMark 06 - 19311 Vantage - 11201 Total 135,114 E8600 @ 4.6 HD4890 @ 1000\\1200
Yeah, you don't have to be really stable to pass this test, hehe. I failed Pi but passed GB and the score was right in line with the other scores I have gotten so far
W00T!!! Gettin things rollin in here Thanks Patch, I can't wait to see you give the other forums Extreme team a run for the money So we need a couple more Extreme and 1 more "C" class. COME ON IN FELLAS!!
Quote: Originally Posted by boomstick360 $100 for the GTS are you people kidding? It is a lower clocked 9800GTX and even 9800GTX+'s are going for ~80. I am going to say $70-75 for the GTS. I jsut say one go on techpowerup for $70 and that took a few days. The GX2, $160 sounds good. He is right, there were a few 8800GTS's that were listed for $75 each, and they still may have not sold. I saw them for over a week. So $70 on the GTS, and 160...
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