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haha ya I actually keep telling myself I would remove them the next time I take the side panel off. I still haven't done it yet and I added the sleeved 24pin a few days before that picture
Recently just finished my build with pastel white.
Hey guys this will be the first time posting about my builds here. I have wanted to do some sort of white build for a while now so this is it. I also wanted to switch to a single gpu this time around and do a nice vertical gpu mod. I got the bracket from mountain mods and modified it a bit further. I didn't make a video like my previous build but I will be taking much nicer pictures soon. Sorry for the poor cell phone pics. Previous build from 2014: Spec: CPU: i7-4930k...
@XCalinX Do you have pictures with the new led strips? How does the white look to you with them?
for that cable, how much space is needed between the gpu and the power supply shroud?
im trying to do a white build atm and changing quite a few things. also considering painting the case white. Ill def have to drop an email to the person you mentioned.
i just like the clean look of hidden wires and the nice sleeved gpu/mb cables with combs. i also want to use it to hide a pump and use pass throughs for the tubing.
How does yours mount in your case? Do you need his psu bracket or anything? If he could do the mb tray I want I may ask for that psu cover to go all the way to the front too!
hey there. sorry I haven't been around much to see this. I pretty much just left the back side of the drive bay to keep the motherboard panel connected to the rest of the frame. here are some pictures i hope they help.just drill out the rivets and cut the can prob see more of the cut while i assemble the whole system a 2nd time. I had to clean the blocks and remove the red dye that stained them. the moment im really desperate trying...
where did you get the gpu bracket?
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