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I tried this out (without setting Shadow Render Distance to Medium) by setting Fallout4.exe to realtime priority. I did gain about 2 more FPS on my 5820k, I also noticed one core was pegged at 90% usage and my 1080Ti wasn't even hitting 60% usage.
How many home solar panel setups are capable of providing 300 Watts of power -- especially at night?
Is a Broadwell-E (?) much better than a Haswell-E that it's a worthwhile expenditure? The Broadwell-E's are also LGA-2011V3 right?
But if authorized retailers can't jack up the price then why are amazon and newegg selling at mark-ups of 50% or more over MSRP?
But your sarcasm didn't address the issue he raised, namely the "waste of electricity", which it is, because it's arguable as to whether mining produces anything worth making.
How is Nvidia going to respond to this incredible, unprecedented demand for their consumer GPU's? Will they push off releasing new consumer GPU tech (since they can continue selling all their current gen products without issue) or release new tech GPU's at higher price points?
Are AMD and the Mean Green Team inflating their prices over MSRP to retailers? Or are the retailers the only ones cleaning up on the incredible spike in mid-range to top tier video cards? If I had known about this spike I would've emptied my bank account and bought as many 1080Ti's as I could!
I've always read crypto-currency is the go-to choice of terrorist and criminal organisations everywhere.
In the benchmark for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided I notice I gain 4 FPS (in minimum FPS) by simply turning off G-sync and using fast/triple-buffered. I don't get any screen tearing with the fast/triple-buffered setting either. So G-sync eliminates screen tearing by synchronizing the screen to the video-card output but adds overhead/latency? Would the much higher refresh rate of the ASUS ROG PG279q make the fast/triple-buffered setting as viable as G-sync? I'd figure the...
I suppose you're right, if I can see physx as being utilized it can be set to use CPU and/or GPU. Would a dedicated physx card make a diff w/Deus Ex Mankind Divided? If it did it might even be worth it because this game beats my 1080Ti down like no other game I've ever seen.
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