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Thanks, yeah I heard about the VRM temps, will see how they are and maybe order a backplate or some heatsinks for them if they get too hot.I also had one more question: My PSU (M12II EVO 620W) had a leaflet in the box that said I should use both PCI-E power cables for GPUs over 275W so I am using both my power cables for the card. Would I be able to use only one cable or should I be using both (each cable has one 8 pin and one 6 pin on it).
Hello everyone Got myself an XFX R9 290 DD last week and it is amazing (upgraded from a GTX 460). I will post a confirmation later. I have a question though before I start overclocking, I followed the guides here to uninstall all traces of nvidia before installing the 290 and its drivers. Would it still be advisable to reinstall windows from scratch? I'm worried that there might still be issues because my previous card was nvidia.
Okay so I figured out that the very high pitched ringing I hear even while idling is actually my hard drive, but there is still coil whine from the GPU under load. I played some Bioshock Infinite last night and today the whine already appears softer. I also tried the GPU with my CX500 and the whine actually sounded worse. I guess the next step is to try over/under clocking/volting and see how that fares.
Just noticed something, the very high pitched ringing I could hear when my machine was idling disappeared when my hard drive spun down. I have an SSD and a HDD in my system.
Yeah my i5 is still at stock and I wont stress the card when I test it with the CX500. Did your XFX have coil whine?Thanks for the advice, glad to know it is definitely coil whine. I will try the steps you guys mentioned over the weekend and post my findings AFAIK the PSU is known for its aggressive fan profile, but haven't found much on coil whine. I guess we'll know when I try the CX500.
Hello, So a few days ago I got myself a brand new GPU (XFX R9 290 DD) and a new PSU to go with it (Seasonic M12II EVO 620W). My card is emitting a very high pitched static noise all the time. When idling on the desktop it is very high and almost sounds like my ears are ringing, and when I play a game the pitch goes down a bit and the noise becomes louder. It sounds like an electric, static sound. I thought this might be coil whine but my card doesn't sound like the videos...
I don't mind noise too much. One last question, I see that the M12II 620W has a "Dual Forward design" (I think?) but the M12II 750W has a "DC to DC" design. The 620W will cost me the equivalent of $66 (or €60) and the Seasonic 750W will cost me $91 (or €82) and the Antec 750W will cost me $97.5 (or €88). Do you think its worth paying that much more for the DC to DC design?
Thanks for answering my questions. I think I'm gonna go with the M12II 620W as it will work out quite a bit cheaper for me.
See this is what I've seen all over the internet. Some people say 620 is fine and others say you definitely need 650+ or preferably 750. I don't plan to add another GPU. So basically it's a tradeoff between a worse platform that is modular for slightly less (m12) or a better platform for slightly more that isn't modular (antec). Do you think it is worth going for the better platform?
Hello, I am upgrading my GPU to an R9 290 and I need to update my PSU accordingly (currently have a Corsair CX500). I live in South Africa and after doing research on which PSU to buy and seeing what is available from local stores I have narrowed it down to two choices: Seasonic M12II 620W EVO Seasonic M12II 750W EVO There is also the possibility of getting an Antec True Power Classic 750W but that would be from a different store (I have a voucher for the store that...
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