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Thanks for the info. I'll ask around to check if its really 30c. Maybe corsair or realhardtech wills ays something about it.
Thought I'd post this since you guys might be interested. Here's my post from JonnyGuru. Sorry for bad pictures, couldn't find my camera so used my phone instead. Also I realized that I cabled tied everything so its sittings on my case. ATNG design. Teapo everywhere. If you look at secondarycapacitor group top right there are 6x 2200uf 10v 105C, 2x 2200uf 16v 105C, and 1x 1000uf 16v 105C rated caps. Main cap...
I still think its not bad if you consider it a budget psu. Certainly cant be compared to higher end models but its the cheapest decent psu and for good reason. There is the CX600 but its only rated at 30C continuous? Btw where does that info come from? Looked on the Corsair site and it says "Rated up to 600W of continuous power output at 40ºC".
Techpowerup review shows the main cap to beTeapo (400 V, 330 µF, 85°C). Does this change anything? It looks like it has better ripples then the 500B.
Initial impressions. I played with games a bit but I havent had more than a week so review is a bit unofficial. No I bought it. I meant sensor wise.
I will test it more, but I think its harsh to say that its really bad.
(Nice flexible braided cable that "holds its shape".) Got my EVGA Torq X10 Mouse while I was at work and when I got home, couldn't help but open it up and taking some quick pictures to show. SO sorry for bad photo quality (from my iPhone 5)and quick review. Initial impression- Build quality - The plastic is made of matte high quality plastic on top of a solid metal plate. Looking from the side, I really like how "sharp"/cut the side profile is. The wheel is...
Just goes to show you that one mouse isn't perfect for everyone.
I think its for cosmetic reasons. It looks really nice and glossy plastic can build a "grime". Although I can't say its worth it for the premium. But the carbon fiber does make it look really nice.
Do you mean the retail price? Since the discount version is $50/$70. It will probably go down in price after release but it also is Evga.
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