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How much more computing power is that than the crypto mining "botnet"? Doesn't matter who got the biggest, it's what you do with it.
Get her a bike or anything that will get her outdoors.
For $450 you can get 1440p 144Hz IPS with FreeSync or 32" 1440p 144Hz VA... that would have to be one hell of a 24" TN to be worth that much money. There are no good TN 100Hz+ as far as I know. The only niche there is are the 240Hz versions but I don't think they are worth how much they ask for.
How much CPU utilization do you get with the new GPU? Have you properly tested your CPU before? As it is probably overheating no matter what GPU you use as long as the CPU is loaded with an encoding or computation job.
Nothing has changed really when it comes to panels, you can still buy your older thing too. The 100Hz+ options are getting more common but still only 1 panel exists that is a decent 1440p 100Hz+ at 27", companies are spewing out more ultrawides which is nice but also much more expensive and you would need to buy one that launched around now with 100Hz native not 100Hz OC as the older are. Forget VA and TN if you want reasonable colors and viewing angles. There is also no...
Why is wired not an option if you want decent wireless on each floor? At least have each floor wired. Sure it's not much fun to drill concrete but since you're in US it might just be yet another paper house where you could probably shoot a hole with a gun in the floor/ceiling.Wireless otherwise is all about antennas and how much of that do you want to blast around.
That's what the black ones are. There is no antisweat coating on any mice, just kind of rubberized soft touch.
Upon request:
Get a Z97. All else is hacks most were removed because Intel.
It's sold separately and overpriced, a glorified piece of wire stuck in a mat. Same as all other wireless charging known for over a century.And the mat is small. So you have to DIY an extended base when putting a bigger mat on top to be able to use the whole surface. Or just sink the Logitech charging plate into some cheapo table. I think making an extension is way better option than ruining a table and portable too.Or 20cm+ hands and actually like the odd too ergonomic...
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