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Haha, it was probably the same delivery guy then He even asked where he could get them and I referred him to eBay and this website for more information. Maybe we'll see a new member in a DHL outfit in the near future. And yes, we're all helping boost South Korea's economy. No wonder the rest of us are in the dumps right now (Monitor has been running for over 7 hours. Still no problems.)
West end of downtown, near the west entrance to the CNE (where Medieval Times is located).
Yamakasi Catleap Q270 SE (Perfect Pixel) Vendor: Green-Sum Shipment to: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Custom Fees/Duties: ~$50 (Still worth it. So far...) Order Time: Wednesday afternoon (Aug 1) Arrival Time: Tuesday Morning (9:00AM, Aug 7) --- Dead Pixels: None (that I have found) Screen Damage: None Backlight Bleed: Slight bleed from the bottom right. Will just shift my work to the upper half of the monitor if I need to. Buzzing Noise: None Monitor Stand: THE worst I...
This is great news to hear. I don't know if this idea was ever mentioned in this thread, but if we can have a sub-section in the OP post tallying the longevity of these catleap monitors it would prove infinitely useful for present and future buyers.
This is going to worry me to no end. How long did you have the monitor working before it showed signs of 'internal spontaneous combustion'? Or did you just hit the power button then poof...?Very unfortunate to hear
Hello gang, I logged back onto my really REALLY old overclock account to say that I just ordered A Catleap Q270 SE Perfect Pixel today from green-sum and looking to get it shopped here to Toronto, Canada. Will post any updates and pictures when it does arrive. I'm a student of graphic and motion design and this will hopefully be a worthwhile investment Cheers, and thanks for the super-duper threads on these Korean monitors. I couldn't have found them at a better time.
This has got to be one of the worst errors I've seen in a LONG while. A friend of mine owns a Dell Inspiron 8200 Laptop and last night was the first night that we tried to burning pictures onto a DVD+R. The problem with the laptop the first time around was that it wouldn't recognize the blank disc. A CD-R disc of the pictures worked on the laptop and we were able to extract the pictures onto the Hard Drive but DVD+R discs never seemed to work. After several tries...
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