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Good to know
*URGENT* The Stilt Ryzen Timing Calculator IS a Rootkit Installing Trojan Horse (VIRUS, no f[]cking false positive bs)
Well if it is optional, then I wouldn't count on TVs with VRR in the first place
You're implying that Nvidia GPUs won't comply with HDMI 2.1?? Because if they don't support VRR they won't be able to print "2.1" in the box
I had that before I installed the AMD sata driver.Go to Device Manager and check under ATA/ATAPI IDE driver. If you have the Microsoft one it's probably that, manually update it to AMD version (uncheck the "show compatible" box). If you install the AMD one but don't uninstall the Microsoft one, it won't solve it.
Potential EU4 player detected?
Even Intel had Sandy Bridge mobos that supported pcie 3.0 when Ivy Bridge launched. And afaik the imc is in the CPU as well.Anyway we will see when the time comes.
Got the 1900X just because I don't need to spend more until the 7nm models pop up. Using XSPC block, quick overclock to 4.0Ghz/1.35v - 3200xmp ram. Idles at 26ºC,"normal" load temps are 50ºC, +1hr prime95 smallFFT goes up to 64ºC (VRMs go up to 49ºC with a 80mm fan). Water idle vs prime load delta is like 2-3ºC. Had serious doubts about the block when I installed it but it seems I don't have to remount. Will go for 4.2 and tune the volts when I have time.
I for one only gave up on this thread and not the game
1950X for $699 at Micro Center 1920X $499
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