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Come on guy's.....this is a great deal! Anyone?????
Yes & no.....todays bump.
All PM's replied to.
I can make the deal sweeter>>>>>>lol
I'm selling some parts that are not needed and can use a good home. A Corsair TX-850 V2 psu and a EVGA 8800GTX video card that need to be moved. I am also throwing in a FREE Gelid icy vision cooler that will mount on the 8800gtx. The cooler may or may not need additional parts as i have never opened the box, recieved in a trade and was stowed away untill now. I will accept PP only......and price is $89 shipped to your door, with tracking SOLD
Yep!7200....for sure.
I have 2 samsung 1tb F3's for sale. They both have passed (smart). Zero errors, warranty on both are about 1 year to 1 1/2 years left on them. I'll check!, will post pic's if i have too but, i think we all know what sammy's look like.....right! These HDD's are in my rig now and once the payment is sent i will wipe VERY clean, package up, and ship out tuesday or wednesday afternoon. Looking for PayPal only, NO TRADES, NO lowBALL'S. Price is $65 shipped for 1 hdd Price...
DL HDTune and run/ check for errors.
Pm'ed. I've got a set.
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