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I was also thinking of going to EK 240 but as soon as I saw the price damn I quit. I would stick to H100i, Kraken X62 and Cryorig A80
We are on the same boat I'm currently looking an AIO cooler to replace my CM Hyper 212X. Honestly this cooler is good but it's ugly in my upcoming case that's why I want to switch to an AIO. I don't care if there's not much difference, I just want to give my rig a better look. I'm thinking of getting NZXT Kraken X62 or H100i
Maybe you are having power fluctuations. I think that casues my PSU to fail as it was not strong enough to overwhelm the surges and fluctuations. Well that's too bad I was really getting the G/X or P series from Seasonic as their the best series in their lineups. Luckily I went to SUPERNOVA G2 which is quiet and at the same time powerful enough
This is bad news for you. are you using your PC with AVR/UPS or Surge Protector? It might be one of the causes
Any other good case recommendation? I'm going NZXT H440 is it good enough for my build and other future upgrades? I'm also getting NZXT Kraken X62
Well I'm hoping this SUPERNOVA G2 is enough.
Thanks for the suggestion actually I have like 6 HDDs lol I'm a keeper. Anyway I'm inclining towards the Enthoo Pro M rather than the P400s as it got good airflow. Will check those other 2 you mentioned out
I also like In Win 303 but it only got few HDD Slots. WIll check the others thanks!
I'm almost rebuild my rig and I want to toss out my Zalman GS1000 for a better case with good cable management and a little less weight maybe mid tower. Any Case recommendation? My specs are on the sig. I like phanteks evolv atx but this guy is soo pricey 200 USD and too common as everyone has it, I also like Thermaltake Core p5 but it's dust magnet. So any cheap one that you guys can recommend? preferable 100USD
At first I'm so concerned about my temp for i7 7700k with CM Hyper 212X but now running @ stock I get 65C-70C at game and some benchmark. I would OC to 5Ghz soon as I get H100i V2.
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