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Both house has 400 square meters. 200 square meter each. The walls are 5 inches thick. I never knew this was this hard to setup a house this big
That's what I'm thinking that's why I'm asking here if there are any alternative or a big router can do it. I'm actually considering Mesh Routers but the problem is it is not available here in my country so the expense plus the time it takes here is not reasonable.
Thanks for the info. One question I'm thinking of getting 2 routers for both houses and the lan cable might be going outdoor. Is it harmful if it rains or any weather conditions?
Hi Fellas I need some help in buying a router which would cover the range of 2 houses. The total square meters of both house is 300 square meters. Is there a router which can accomodate that range?
Sure if it's no problem with you doing extra work for this. I'm fine I'll send my email via PM
Hi iARDAs I would love to have that, since my Job is a developer and programmer by heart. I would like to practice more about my field Thanks!
Is the Hands on Intro to Game Programming a game?
Thank you iARDAs you're the best!
May I request the No Time to Explain game. I know this is an old game right?
Well Yes If I really want it badly it's possible but I might not go there for now. I have to order it overseas as there no locally available here. I don't want to risk doing it since this will be my first time deliding. Maybe in the future when deliding is common
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