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Sure if it's no problem with you doing extra work for this. I'm fine I'll send my email via PM
Hi iARDAs I would love to have that, since my Job is a developer and programmer by heart. I would like to practice more about my field Thanks!
Is the Hands on Intro to Game Programming a game?
Thank you iARDAs you're the best!
May I request the No Time to Explain game. I know this is an old game right?
Well Yes If I really want it badly it's possible but I might not go there for now. I have to order it overseas as there no locally available here. I don't want to risk doing it since this will be my first time deliding. Maybe in the future when deliding is common
Yes Corrected it now. delidd is impossible here, AC would be the best way.My bad its 3AM here and tired.
Well Here's mine. My temps spikes upto 80C+ but never stays there. Hoping I'll be on the list User name: Gorhell CPU Model: 7700K Base Clock: 100Mhz Core Multiplier: 50 Core Frequency: 5000Mhz Cache Frequency: 4200Mhz Vcore in UEFI: 1.3V Vcore: 1.321V FCLK: 1000Mhz Cooling Solution: NZXT Kraken X52 Stability Test: OCCT 4.4.2 1Hour Large Data Set Batch Number: Malaysia L639G102 Ram Speed: 1x16GB XMP 2400Mhz 15-15-15-35-2T VCCIO: Auto VCCSA: Auto Ram Voltage:...
Got it working there's a new bios update. I updated to 3007, I never use those asus 3rd party so I didn't knowQuestion why is X264 Stress test makes my CPU reach 70-80C+ while others like prime95 XTU and other games example is watch dogs 2 makes my CPU tempos only into 60-70C
Well what I did is set my VCORE to manual and do 1.3V and set Ai overclock tuner to manual BLCK to 100 disable asus multicore enhancement sync all cores to 50 and save it
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