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Grabbem while they're still available!! 3600 keys as of this post
Wolfsgart? Have a few friends attending haha
Yah it's a very good lens.. of course the 85mm 1.2L is super amazing.. but for the price, the 1.8 is a sweet deal. Get a speedlite or two for lighting. You can also look into getting a tripod and a softbox for your secondary lighting (mount the extra speedlites on the tripod). I'd suggest checking out the forums at great resource and you can find alot of used gear there!
Pick up an 85mm 1.8.. makes a great portrait lens.
I just got back after a long break.. it's prob been a year or two since i've really posted here
Check out my carputer build from a while back: I'd highly recommend going with an Android tablet. Windows simply wasn't designed for touch use. I switched to an integrated Nexus 7 and couldn't be happier Every mobile app was designed for touch from the beginning
Got a i7 4790K build coming up for a client Can't wait to see what this bad boy does
I'M BACK!!! Hide yo kids, hide yo wives
^oh hey you're still around lol
I bought it last night and have logged 12 hours already lol. Level 28 now.. they changed the level cap to 55 or something
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