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Take a 770 lightning + cash?
Still available Cash is given preference over trades
Got a few PM's. Will see if any of them works out As of right now, I'm mainly interested in cash as I have a GTX 570 to hold me over. I don't really play anything more than League of Legends on a regular basis so definitely don't need that much power I had bought this thinking I was going to go eyefinity with triple 2560x1440 monitors for my racing sim.. but don't have the money for two more monitors right now
Price dropped to $735. What trade?
Up for sale is my Powercolor 7990. I bought it a few weeks ago from my friend on impulse and realize now I rather use the money elsewhere. Comes with the original box and the card supports (this is a heavy card!) Looking for $735 shipped!
Didn't see any in the for sale section.. any idea how much I should sell my Powercolor 7990 for? It's not the DEVIL13 edition. Bought it from my friend on impulse and now realize I don't need it
I have a Powercolor 7990 that I may consider selling.. super impulse buy lol. PM me an offer, might be interested in some random stuff for a partial trade
YUM. Can't wait to see what Haswell brings
I don't see what the big fuss is about. This is clearly a developer edition device, to which you must sign an NDA when you head down to pick it up. Don't agree? Don't sign the NDA. No one is forcing you to take part in a BETA.
For sale is my very lightly used EVGA GTX 570 HD. I bought this refurbished early last year and haven't really used it as I didn't really have time to game recently (or keep up with OCN for that matter). Looking for $150 shipped.
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