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Turkey, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and homemade pies.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Prolly voltage locked at 1.212v. Software won't read more than 1.275v, even if you input more in the vbios.
You're very welcome!
I mean don't get me wrong, I like to test out my hardware once I build a new PC too. I can only stand Realbench and the Firestrike demo for only so long though, lol.
What I've also noticed is ppl mare playing synthetics more than real games these days. $3000-3500 to run benchmarks? I dun get it...
Is it weird that my Grandma used to eat the fish eyes? (Japanese delicacy)?
There was a really old that had fishing in it,,,,You could use the fish to upgrade weapons and armor....I think it was called Breath Of Fire III.
My wife is mad too, its winter(50F) and the heater is set to 65F.
Gonna try to do a few benches. Cold... Cpu is 17c. 1080ti is 13c, 1070sc2 is 19c. Brrrrrrr
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