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I've been using these on my systems: seems it is 2700 watts)My systems have a lot of headroom now because i'm not running 4 way SLI anymore. (darn you nvidia!) with the x6950 and 2 titan X (2016 pascal) i'm running the fans @ 5%.They are a nice fit too for a HTPC setup too.
Well.. no Apex yet.. so i'll just wait. I'll get the highest core count that is out when asus releases the goods I'm really looking forward to OC'n these chips. I use an external rad that can cool 2800 watts of heat so.. hot chips are fine with me
i'm looking at the apex, but i wonder if they are going to have a WS (workstation) version. I've been happy with my two x99 WS mobos.
I'd suggest the skylake-x.. but i'm about to upgrade from the 6950 to it it should OC better and i'm looking forward to the x299 chipset. The x99 chipset is pretty old at this stage.
well... I don't think the dell tool is that helpful. I think it isn't using the expand color gamut that this monitor uses. But who knows because only "native" (whatever the software thinks that is) is used. It is getting closer. I don't need it to be "perfect" (but that would be nice if it was ), but i can't use it if it is distractingly bad - which it has been. I think i'm ok with how it looks now, but i'll play around more with calman and this new meter. This meter...
that is a different monitor. (the monitor isn't 120hz anymore)
ok.. time to start testing again. I have this new meter... (hrmmm.. when something comes with its own carrying case it makes me worry that i paid to much for it...) maybe i'll start with the LG c7.. i know that will look better if i put time in to it. I'm not totally sure about this monitor. I spent so much time screwing with colors this weekend that when i looked outside the window i started questing if the real world spring colors were their correct colors.
used? who cares. who the hell would spend $1000s on a used TV. And it is one guy that just added himself to aamzon a few days ago.I'm not sure what you are trying to prove, but you are just being silly now.
even ebay G6s are over 4k still.. but that doesn't matter. The 2017 units and the way to go unless you want 3d. IR is minor but still there TVs. They go away real quickly. 55"? you are a crazy person What is your job that you are working on that?also, someone (i'm not screw with tons of sub OSD menus) might want to play around with the costum color. There are a bunch of submenus each with a lot of options for screwing with the color.
It has a 14-bit Gamma LUT. (says the manual)Also, even with the crappy free software don't confuse what ICC is doing and changes it can make without it. There is a drop down for 3x3 and 5x5. It does something. What? No idea, that is real limited software.some place on the monitor is "Dedicated Custom Color Mode (6-axis Color-control) for Saturation, Hue, Gain (RGB) and offset (RGB)."I'm not clear were that is. It might be the different options when you set to movie...
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