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Titan Volta already? lol more nvidia fans are going to bend over and let nvidia do what you know what...
i lost my bitcoin wallet, i had like $1 usd in there
so announcement at computex but going on sale at the end of june similar to last years rx 480 launch
so does this compete with Titan Xp or Quadro cards?
sourcethis is supposedly going to be announced at todays AMD Financial Analyst Day 2017, if true - This will send intel in the Freesync direction ...RIP Gsync.
reference nvidia 980 ti, straight from nvidia, comes original packaging and everything in it, only used once for testing. what would it sell for on ebay?
but nvidia is still milking and price gouging their customers, i don't see how you or anybody else can deny this... it's so blatant:rolleyes:
From MI25's TFLOP rating we can say it will be at clocked around 1525 MHz, is this safe to say?
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