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I wonder how many Ti's really get sold, I would say less than 100,000.
i looked on ebay to see what it sells for and it's like over $300, way too much for me sorry
looking for an lga 1366 x58 motherboard that's in good working condition
show me
what's up with people saying ryzen wont be a good overclocker? the cpus are unlocked and mobos offer overclocking for a reason...they also feature xfr amd knows ryzen is going to be a good overclocker
it's so difficult to find a good x58 motherboard for sale at a reasonable price i want to join the x58 xeon club so bad
Just hoping it's not another bulldozer
Titan XP Black edition coming?
Great price, this is the cheapest x5670 i've seen being sold right now (I checked ebay, reddit, etc.) I'd jump on this but x58 boards are a little pricey right now
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