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Nvidia going straight to Volta after Pascal, no refresh I don't think
i'm still confused why they demoed vega 10 with 8gb when the slides show vega 10 having 16gb
Count me in boss, I'm building a rig for my cousin who games on a crappy samsung laptop, scrambling to get as many second hand parts for the build as I can as I don't have much of a budget, this GPU would be helpful Thanks for the giveaway as well!
I'll take it just because I've never owned an aftermarket GPU cooler I have the Thermaltake GunMet Orb CPU cooler though, would be nice to add another Thermaltake Orb cooler to the OG rig
how much for all that? $ USD Paypal shipped
depends on the cpu
vega could launch on any of these upcoming events my guess is pax east
Remember when XFX started making AMD cards and NVIDIA dropped them because of it
VEGA is launching in Feb
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