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Does anyone know if there's another Corsair rep I can contact about issues with the case? I sent CorsairGeorge two PMs and have not received a reply from either.
Hmm looks like it's not just me. I'll just keep it partially screwed in then.
Does anyone have vibration issues with the left side panel? For some reason it doesn't seem to sit perfectly "flat" compared to the right side panel. There's a gap between the right edge of the side panel and the front of the case. It has to be screwed in so the force of the screws pushes the panel so it's almost flush with the front. The problem is when it's screwed in fully, the side panel vibrates so I have to keep the screws loose (about half screwed in).
In again
In for whatever day I can't remember now
In for 20
In for next
In for 16
In for.. I lost count
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