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having your workbench and tools right there certainly helps with building or modding your stuff very nice and tidy
filco tkl with browns for gaming. simple and solid.
are you sure it's not because of the cord? i found the cord of the g pro stiff, it literally pushed against the mouse and made said micro-adjustments so difficult, that i gave up on the g pro and bought a g203 instead. lighter, flexible cord, much different handling. never had these problems with the g203. just saying because many people blame sensors, although things like shape, weight and cables are much more noticeable than minute differences in sensor performance.
perhaps it would be better if someone bought amd... there's plenty of rumors on who might be interested buying them.
he goes through the door and is in a movie... obviously
has been fun reading this. fits our oldschool avatars perhaps you can find a crt for your pc. see, i play gzdoom in full 1440p glory on my acer xb270hu , but i remember the game looked grittier on the crt, perhaps because the better contrast, if the crt had that, i threw it away long ago.
yeah, responsiveness is what i always found to be typical for id games, since classic doom. the controls and the mouse input seem so crisp. in ql one can set the mouse sens precisely via console, mouse accel and even a custom accel curve. compare that to games which only have a slider (starting either to high or too low, or, even worse, offering few steps and nothing in between). especially in console games converted to pc, input is wooden, the mouse lags, and walking...
this. AR films are better than AG coatings, but glossy is still the best choice for vivid colors.
tidy build, very nice! the baby will be much less silent i guess
this. i replaced the g pro with the g203, because of the cable. i can click faster with the g pro, the buttons seem to be better tensioned, but as an fps player, the cable was more important to me. as for the sensors, they're equal for my purposes: they don't skip. so, i'll sell my whole mouse army and get 2-3 g203s just to be sure.
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