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so is ccleaner useless?just asking because i use it too, it bothers me every week or so to install a new update. luckily i don't use the 32 bit version.
i had an eizo fg2421 and sold it because of this smearing, despite this "turbo 240" tech. the contrast was nice though.
this. when i got my first 120 hz monitor (benq 2411t, iirc), it was set to 60 hz by default. i moved the mouse on the desktop and switched to 120. tbh i seem to be more sensitive than most people in this regard. the difference was so sudden and noticeable that i said "eh?" aloud, although i was alone in my room. kinda hard to forget now i haven't tried a 240 hz monitor yet, as i'm on a nice 1440p ips xb270hu and i'm not competitve enough to enjoy moving to a 1080p tn...
why not... as long as one doesn't need a a facebook account for that game.
braided cables are a pet peeve of mine. the old deathadder has one of the lightest cables ever. i wish other vendors would use something like this. just take care of the mouse and it will last. braiding is not necessary.
maybe that's a new niche product. cold-resistant mice.
thanks for that description woll3. anyone who knows the ozone neutron and how it compares to the dyad? regarding glide and quality. the neutron is obviously bigger.
thanks. i'll try slimcleaner because ccleaner did exactly this, shot my registry by deleting some entries it deemed redundant, and i had to reinstall some programs. i've used it since only for cleaning the cache and leftover files, never tinker with the registry.which looks like a mess since i installed win10 on top of 7, but it works...
that nagging is what i hate about avast. i have their free antivirus on my pc for at least 10 years, never had trouble with a virus. so far a solid product. however when i bought a license code for the premium suite off ebay because i thought more is better, it caused more trouble than it did good: its firewall blocked programs that worked perfectly with the windows 10 firewall, and, most annyoing, its file shield prevented privateinternetaccess from launching or even...
so it's cloth glued to a piece of metal? should be faster than normal cloth but still not as slippery as hard pads.
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