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tidy build, very nice! the baby will be much less silent i guess
this. i replaced the g pro with the g203, because of the cable. i can click faster with the g pro, the buttons seem to be better tensioned, but as an fps player, the cable was more important to me. as for the sensors, they're equal for my purposes: they don't skip. so, i'll sell my whole mouse army and get 2-3 g203s just to be sure.
that's nice.
good question. is it necessary to update the driver? i installed mine over 1 year ago and it has worked flawlessly since. so when prompted to update it i declined first, because i feared it could contain needless bloat.
so was my 1090t, at 1.45v iirc. seems to be common.whatever, i retired the old big box. served me well for gaming a 4690k rather cheap, and ryzen (or whatever intel brings to counter it) would have to be much faster in games to make me build a complete new system, instead of just getting new graphics cards. i'll wait for official gaming benchmarks here.
this. it's a shame this facething got so big because of people's needs to put every bit about them on the net.
got my g203 and it replaced the g pro, mainly because of the less stiff cable. other than that, the mice are pretty much identical in shape and weight. the buttons on the g pro are better tensioned though, i can click faster with them than with those on the g203.the 3366 sensor was perfect for me, and so is mercury. i couldn't feel a difference, both are snappy and keep tracking at whatever speed. that's however just the plain in-game experience.
lol. and we won't have to shoot blue cats over for gold, there are over 150,000 tons of gold worldwide, depending on the estimates. metallic hydrogen is just that one sample. practical applications, however... it will take a while until we're gaming on superconducting cpus.
wow. cool thing. i've posted a bit about stubborn mouse cables in the past, it's the one thing that annoys me the most with many mice at the moment. i'll check the video on how to install it at home, i'm not exactly skilled at the art of soldering stuff, but i'll gladly get a cable or two.
this, and the cable. if the sensor is about on par with the 3366, i'll probably sell the g pro and g303 and get 3 g203s instead.
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