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That happens with mine as well.
For awhile I dealt with it but I was going back and forth between my g400s one day and I just couldn't take it anymore.It feels more like this now:or this:Instead of this:
Round off the edge here with a rotary tool and it's much better. I'd like it even a bit more rounded of course, but this is better getting rid of that awkward hard edge.I find the overall shape nice for claw grip though. I was a hardcore palm gripper before I got the g303. Sad that they are discontinuing it instead of refining the shape further. The diamond shape actually gives you good ability to pivot (yaw) and grip the mouse claw style.
LOL. "Perfect" in PC terms is inherently ludicrous. It was "perfect" only when it was the only decently priced card available. You may pray at the altar of all things stupid and forever retarded, you child of incompetence...By the way, you may need to smoke something to increase your insight into the reality of nature!!!Have fun with your aliasing at 1080p...EDIT: Oh, I see the retardation (and you criticize buying a 1070 for $400... tisk tisk):6GB DDR3 for $430... you're...
Just beware of the Chinese whisperer
I'll actually try it later when I'm in a more discerning state of mind.I'm a 36 year old gamer so I'll honestly try to be as objective as possible. I'll test later and let you know what I come up with.
Just an ole gtx 970:
See here this screenshot (with less FPS since I had to escape to windowed mode to do a screenshot)... This is why we "PC elite" couldn't give a shoot about console "peasantry". It's not that we think WE are better... it's that we know TECHNOLOGY IS BETTER and we are pissed off that arbitrary limitations are being put in place. This is what higher refresh rate screens illuminate to you; there is so much extra potential available TODAY.
Oh god... I researched 2008 events and it mentioned the Bush show thrower... OMG... if we had that in 3D at 165 fps... OMG.. the glory....!!!I remember... I remember...Cherish your memories you young morons.... Cherish them...
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