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First person view is why I'm going to buy it again on PC when it's out. It will feel like a totally different game going from first person!
16GB AT&T model. Edited by iCrap - Yesterday at 6:42 pm
Cut out that one starbucks fancythingyinacup. Less than 10 is still very reasonable. Remember we're paying for the convenience of it. This morning I watched some netflix in bed, then got up and made lunch. I left my laptop upstairs, took my 4S to the kitchen and resumed watching while I cooked. To me personally, this is worth the 10~ a month. That's less than 2 star bucks coffees, or about 5 tim hortons poop coffee...until prices go to around 15$ doubt most people would...
Skip CoD unless it's for 5 bucks. It reminds me of Modern Warfare the original but with killzone out its just a waste of money. MGS HD is a must, such fun!
As long as your temps are fine, don't worry about it. I've gone 3+ years without looking at it. Last time I tried to reapply thermal paste the cooler was literally stuck to the CPU, couldn't rip the two apart so I left it.
If that bundle doesn't push sales...
I've had very similar problems while running more than 2 sticks on in my system. I tested individual sticks and they all seemed fine, but when combined something was just wrong(error seemed to move to different slots and sticks of ram) and I got BSODs or system hangs. Ended up doing exactly what you suggested yourself, bought another set of ram and voila no problem at all.
It all depends on what you want to play, and how much you want to play it. Yes, tablets and smartphones gaming is here...but those are for an entirely different audience. I for one, cannot stand gaming on any phone or tablet. The battery is piss poor already, the controls are usually pretty bad compared to an actual controller. The vita is for those who are a bit more serious about their gaming. That is why they don't sell, they made a console for gamers...but failed to...
Just curious, how do you figure out given the bus width how much memory will actually be put to good use?
That is simply amazing. I am lost for words... Really hope you win, as a car fan this is just the greatest thing I've seen in a long time!
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