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Wow that is some bad luck sorry to hear. I thought about going with those H81 boards but changed my mind when I saw all the reviews about being DOA and defective. Not to mention they look very cheaply built. Decided to stick with quality boards. It's more expensive, but it's worth it for the peace of mind.
Always disable the igp on cpu.Edit: Also you may think a riser works when it really only works in one position. This is specifically for ribbon risers. They tend to lose connectivity in certain positions. I found this to be the case for all ribbon risers regardless of how "flexible" they are advertised to be. To rule out the cpu, make sure there are no ribbons or anything connected to the pci-e slots and test the igp on cpu.
It's your risers. I went through the same head ache when I was building my rigs. I don't even want to remember how many bad risers I went through.
I've decided to Change my mining setup so I will be selling most if not all of my current hardware within the coming weeks. Prices are firm. Shipping within the U.S. 48 only. Paypal only. SOLD! Powercolor Turbo Duo R9 280X. Bought brand new last month. Works great. Comes with original box. Never registered for warranty. $375 shipped. Link to newegg for specs. SOLD! Powercolor 6870x2. This is a dual gpu version of a...
Just to confirm, the Sandy does have more IPC right? The only advantage the Westmere 6 core would have is in multithreaded tasks and memory bandwidth due to the mobos being triple channel. Does the x58 platform even support 1800+ mhz ddr3? The z68 mobos have more features and most are still under warranty. The Sandy cpu also supports more instruction sets. Please correct me if I'm wrong, my memory of the x58 platform is a bit rusty.
Why an X5650? Wouldn't a 2600K be a better choice considering it has MOAR IPC?
There is no right and wrong. It's subjective and it's all about what makes you happy. Don't ever let anyone tell you different.
Should be no problem.
Thanks for the benches MilesK. As I said it wouldn't be an apples to apples comparison but it does give me an idea as to just how big the gap is between Sandy and Haswell is. And it looks to be a pretty big gap. While we can't ignore the fact that he has a much more powerful card than the 6950 I had when I did my bench. However, to simply dismiss his bench would be ignorant as it's the closest comparison we have right now. Mafia II with physx enabled on the cpu creates a...
Anyone who didn't see this coming simply wasn't paying attention. There was no recent hack. This was pure embezzlement and insider trading. Anyone who thinks Gox will be coming back, I got news for you. Gox is currently under pressure from a co-plaintiff lawsuit that is scheduled to be filed around 24 hours from now. The notice appeared on forums last Thursday. This wasn't too far from the time Gox announced a move into a different office which appeared to be a virtual...
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