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Those older AMD cpus don't seem to like multi nvidia gpu setups. Frame latencies are pretty much a non issue now with more modern AMD single card setups, especially with Radeon Pro and its dynamic vsync. Not sure about crossfire though as I haven't tried. Only thing is you'll be paying just as much for an AMD gpu as an nvidia these days.
I usually recommend AMD. But MMO's are notoriously known for being single threaded and Intel is known to be superior at single threaded performance. If you can afford it, get Intel. If you're dead set on AMD, then forget FX and get an A-10 7850K and FM2+ motherboard. According to Yawa on here, his 7850K @ 4.5 ghz was better than his FX-8320 @ 4.9 ghz in Guild Wars 2 which is also an MMO.
Always twist the heatsink off. Never pull.
I had a locked Intel cpu once. Never again. You're getting an FX-6300 for free. Pretty much a no brainer there. Also I'm thinking that 580 will be a bit of a bottleneck with its 1.5 gb memory. I would definitely upgrade that if you can. By the way, I have that same G.Skill ram you have in the AMD build. I'm running it overclocked to 2400mhz. Can't go wrong with that kit.
There are some good budget air coolers out there. Good for what they are but that's about it. Air will always be inferior to water cooling. That is due to the fact that water simply has a higher heat capacity.
You could use the Rasa or get a different block. Either way I'm sure it will be better than any AIO.
I'm pretty sure there is no all in one solution in existence that will compare to a custom loop. If you have almost everything you need for a custom loop then it would make more sense to just go that route.
You don't have to go for an FX-8320. The FX-6300 will serve just as well for gaming.
Since you have to upgrade the motherboard anyway, the AMD 7850K could be another option if you can find one cheap. It has better IPC than the FX-6300 clock for clock as well. You could also use the igp on it instead of the 4870x2 and have much less heat to deal with.
Don't you have one of those Cooler Master mini itx cases? Those cases scream for water cooling by the way. For air cooling it needs more exhaust especially if you're not running a gpu with a reference blower fan design.
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