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Code: [QUOTE]Differences between R1 Universal and R1 Ultimate The Universal uses the XT140 front fan which is 13mm thick and Ultimate uses XF140 front fan which is 25.4mm thick (I've measured 14mm & 27mm including vibration pads). R1 Ultimate and Universal are also not the same coolers Universal has heatpipes formed for more RAM clearance and fin paces are also slightly different for the same reason. This increases the cooler setback by another 4.5mm. [/QUOTE] Thats...
Ultimate and universal difference is not just the fan. Go read about it in cryorig owner thread.
Psu is the power supply. Locked cpu mean you can't overclock the cpu.
Got my Seasonic Focus Plus 550w today. Play Witcher 3 for 1 hour, no blackscreen for now. Will do more gaming just to make sure it really is the old psu problem. If no black screen after 4-5 days, I will rma my old psu.
I thinking of getting the focus plus because its cheaper compare to the other alternative. I also found a good deal on a Corsair RM750i that the seller just got from rma. How does it peformance compare to focus plus?
The seller told me that he bought it from oversea and he is not official seasonic retailer.I thinks the focus plus gold is not release yet in malaysia. No online store in Malaysia have it yet.I also contact the local distributor and this is the reply:We have Seasonic Focus 850 watt Gold & Seasonic Focus 1000 Gold coming by year end or after the New Year. May I know if that will suits your requirement?Thanks and Regards,ChristineMediaforte (M) Sdn Bhd
The seasonic focus plus gold seller still not responding to my message about the unit warranty since he state in his page that it don't have local warranty. Need to send to Taiwan if I want to rma it in the future. So, I search for other alternative and found this 2 psu: - Evga supernova 550 G3 - Leadex II Gold 650w Which 1 is better?
I don't oveclock my gpu but I increase the core voltage(mV) +25 using msi ab to prevent black screen.
I found 1 seller in my country that sell 550 watt focus gold but its look like the 550 watt focus plus gold only have 1 pci-e 6+2 pin cable. Is it okay to use just 1 pcie 6+2 cable with r9 290?
Don't have another psu to try no one near me have a spare psu that I can borrow. I think I will buy a new psu to test it. Is 550 w good enough for my pc or should I buy a 650 w psu?
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