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Right... LOL
Maybe I'm anti-RAID, but unless your running an LSI card, it would be dumb to run RAID 0 using onboard motherboard solutions. You'll simply end up having slower boot times (almost up to 10 seconds sometimes, from a cold boot only), and more problems than not.
Why even RAID? Most users will use the onboard motherboard's RAID which in turn will increase boot time (from a cold boot) almost 15 seconds itself. I bet you 25 % of users who bought SSD's was to speed up boot times. Also Software RAID is garbage, unless your using a good RAID Controller which costs a ton of money, no one should be doing this.
Being a full-time musician and recording engineer, I feel you might have the case of a placebo effect, depending on how long ago your talking but for me the only benefit for discrete soundcards when NOT recording is simply the SNR. Onboard solutions like the Realtek ALC898 have a good SNR anyways, unless your pumping a Home Theatre system or recording (in which you should invest in Pro Tools or better Pre's), there is no reason to own a discrete soundcard except for bad...
Well the thing is, I think Skyrim would be the only game that would ever tap me out of VRAM, because well I'm "only" using a 2560X1600 monitor, not a triple monitor setup. I also believe 4GB of VRAM is absurd unless your triple monitor (and 3D vision @ that).
None of those are rockstars problems. There yours.No one else is having issues. Rocktar isn't going to patch something for an overclock software.Crash to Desktop isn't happening for any other users.Make sure FRAPS is the latest, and that your drivers are the latest
Honestly, this is simple. Get a Bit-Fenix Prodigy case. Build your comp around that case alone.
I'm rocking 4.6 stable with 1.27 volts and 1.88 CPU PLL. Don't know why people are lowering CPU PLL, anything above 4GHZ should have 1.8 CPU PLL at least
Crazed fanatics of......the Maple Leafs?Ha-Ha JK. I won't go down that road.
Thanks for the reply. It's what I thought, I guess the VRAM usage isn't much use then, as we don't know how much RAM is actually being used by the GPU on Afterburner or Precision.
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