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EULA's are not legally binding.
cant find it again for some reason.basically another option further down in the settings that allows bluetooth to be turned on/off by apps. If you went to app permissions and disabled bluetooth access for each app then that might help..
Did you also know that blutooth is still on even when you turn it off?
Did trump build windows 10?
what drivers/os/etc are you using on the 6850 and what are you mining? I have some 6000 series cards but cant get them to do anything even on windows 7 with 15.12 or 15.7.1.or is that a 6850 cpu?
most games do
congrats, you know how pen and paper rpg's work!
Pretty much all games technically are RPG's. The depth of interaction to the main character(s) is not always up to "RPG" standard, but that doesnt preclude most games from being RPG's.
hm, wonder if that crossfire fix will help on the one mining rig that would always crash when I tried putting some 7000 series cards in with the r9 280x's it already had..
im in canada cant speak for all truckers but i'm more worried about things with 6 and fewer wheels.
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