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Selling 2 x EVGA 970 SC Gaminc w/ EK blocks and backplates. $400 for whole setup shipped OBO. PayPal prefered. p/n: 04g-p4-2974-br Mfg Website: Also included is an EK 3 terminal bridge and a rigid SLI bridge. I do not have the OEM coolers for these cards. These were overclocked to 1506MHz/4059MHz. They currently have the original bios, but I can send you a copy of the bios I was using. 26,582 FS graphics score...
I was hitting 60C with my EK TXP block. I took my block back apart to find I had no contact using a Liquid Metal Pad. I Added some Conductonaut and now I am below 40C for everything I have tested with 21C ambient. If your CPU temps increased 11C , Something else has changed drastically. Your flow may be restricted by something...
Sold locally.
Put my Ek block on the other day using a Liquid Metal Pad. My temps were in the high 50s. Took it all back apart today and found that the pad had fused properly to the die but was not making any contact to the EK block. Fortunately I had some leftover Conductonaut. Slathered some of that right over the thermal pad and dropped my temps almost 20C. Was able to get a my Timespy overall above 10K. (too bad it wasn't valid)
$350 for both or $180 Ea. shipped Never oeverclocked. One owner. MFG website: WINDFORCE 3X cooling system Flex Display Technology(patent-pending) Powered by NVIDIA GeForceĀ® GTX 970 GPU Integrated with 4GB GDDR5 memory 256-bit memory interface Features Dual-link DVI-I / Dual-link DVI-D / HDMI / DisplayPort*3 Boost:1278 MHz/ Base: 1149 MHz in OC Mode Boost:1253 MHz/ Base: 1114 MHz in Gaming...
Wednsday. So much for paying extra for next day.Edit: Correction! I mis read weekday delivery as Wednesday, it will be here Monday!
Just got my shipping confirmation from NVIDIA!!!
Prordered on the 2nd here. Still says boxed shipment on my order status page.
My 7700k 5.0GHz/1.330v OC will not post after adding my new EVGA 1070 Black edition, but works just fine with default BIOS settings. Is there a setting for the pcie power delivery I need to increase, or does my Asus Strix z270i mITX mobo just not have enough oomph to handle both the OC and powering the card? Im using a 600w ups fyi.
My CC declined the NVIDIA transaction this morning. Got on real fast and updated the order with a different CC. Hopefully it didn't mess up my pre-order status.
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