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Have you tried messing with the timings and voltages on your current set? Most likely you will be able to hit similar, or better, timings by just increasing the voltage on your current kit. Definitely worth trying to OC your current kit before trying to replace it. Try bumping to 1.35v and see what timings you can get.
What about bios screenshots? I'm sure you are just missing a setting somewhere.
Some screenshots of your bios settings may help figure out what settings you are missing. You probably shouldn't run your cpu that hot. I try to keep mine under 85C when stressing. If you haven't read it yet, the Skylake Overclocking Guide [With Statistics] is a good source of information and a good place to ask questions on z170 settings. Good luck
I had no problem putting the EVO on my Asus x99 Sabertooth mobo. Sounds weird. Did you forget the springs? Too late for a picture i suppose?Edit looking at the manual, I bet your using the wrong standoffs like Revan suggested. Should have come with two sets. You want to use the ones on the left...
I tried a 140 on the rear along with my two 280s. The issue was that I couldn't get enough cool air to it and it didn't help my temps at all. I ended up going with intake on the front and top rad and just an exhaust fan on the rear. That way I am only pulling cool air over my radiators and the unrestricted fan in the rear moves that warmer air out. That seemed to improve my delta over the other setup.If it were me, I would go with the 360 + 280 and make them both intake...
Did you even watch the video? He obviously got an unbalanced impeller and found it running it dry first. He can afford to do that because he has spares lying around and he recognized it was bad from experience with that style of pump. Like he said its a one in a thousand find. When he puts the spare impeller in it doesn't rub at all.That being said. I would also recommend not running the pump dry, unless you have spares lying around, or were given the pump as part of a...
A very organic/electronic look. Kind of Akira-ish. I like it!
Here is the video. His troubleshooting starts around 12min.
Your temps are just fine for running p95. That is not your issue. Add the vcore and test. Edit: If you are at 20C at idol and only 52C under load you are fine.
I think if you keep your temps under 85C under load you can go up to 1.4 vcore on that chip. A good way to test is to manually set your vcore to 1.3-1.4v and see how high you can get your multiplier. Once you know your max vcore/ratio setting you can play with the offset so that you hit that voltage only under load.
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