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Was hoping you wouldn't do this. Now I have to watercool my other pc just so I can use this beautiful block.
Sold to u238
I'm gonna make a few identical office PCs for a friend. They will be using Adobe Primer and dual 1080p monitors. The budget is around $500-$750 USD each. Requirements are quad-core, 16gb ram, 2gb vram, SSD for OS and applications, and a HDD for storage. I have the OS taken care of, so the price is components only. This is what I have so far. All suggestions welcome. Assume another $100 for shipping to Alaska. Thanks for any help in advance. PCPartPicker part list / Price...
Cmon y'all. I know someone can use this stuff. Make me an offer!
Did a quick run on my 5930k/1080Ti with the free version. Throttled 75MHz down quite a bit on the 8K Optimized test.If you play the game... [[SPOILER]] Edit: Added 4K, 5K, and 8K custom extreme/high runs. Talk about a GPU killer 1.3 FPS FOR 8K 1080 Extrememe: 6181 @ 46.23 Avg. FPS4K Optimized 9798 @ 73.29 Avg. FPS8K Optimized 4607 @ 34.46 Avg. FPS4K Custom (Extreme/High) 1191 @ 7.76 Avg. FPS5K Custom (Extreme/High) 525 @ 3.93 Avg. FPS8K Custom (Extreme/High) 175 @ 1.31 FPS
Another price drop
Price lowered
Selling 2 x EVGA 970 SC Gaminc w/ EK blocks and backplates. $400.00 $360.00 $300.00 $250 for whole setup shipped OBO. PayPal prefered. p/n: 04g-p4-2974-br Mfg Website: Also included is an EK 3 terminal bridge and a rigid SLI bridge. I do not have the OEM coolers for these cards. These were overclocked to 1506MHz/4059MHz. They currently have the original bios, but I can send you a copy of the bios I was...
I was hitting 60C with my EK TXP block. I took my block back apart to find I had no contact using a Liquid Metal Pad. I Added some Conductonaut and now I am below 40C for everything I have tested with 21C ambient. If your CPU temps increased 11C , Something else has changed drastically. Your flow may be restricted by something...
Sold locally.
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