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wish it was spring already. we had some crazy snow on friday night. took me 6hrs to get home from work when it normally takes an hour. saturday morning my wife got stuck leaving our road going to work and called me for help. As i saw her i pulled to the edge to get out of the way of traffic as i helped her. as i put it in park the car slid into the ditch front first and dented up the front bumper. yay. grr. i managed to get my wife on her way. I had to call my father to...
yeah. not fast enough.
its one of those "if i didnt have bad luck, i wouldnt have any luck at all" situations.
guess what!?! lol, to top all this crazy stuff off. the water line going into my house burst last night so i have a pool in my front yard. the landlord said she will have it fixed tonight. so i expect an excavator digging a nice sized hole in my front yard when i get home from work. yay!
thanks guys. i sure hope so. a friend gave me a loan to help me get my wife a car. that is a big weight off my shoulders. the sooner i get her rolling and i can go back to my regular hours the better.
*update* more bad news. first week of december, my car payment which was behind but i was making payments on was called in, the leasing company decided it had been behind for too long and they had the car repossessed. luckily my father was nice enough to get a car in his name and let me make its payments, thank god to his great credit i cut my car payments by a ton. almost 20%. That helped me out a ton. without my income my family (my wife, my kid, and myself), would be in...
signed up. will try to be more enthused for boincing next week. have had a lot going on over the past week and a half. really its been a month and a half but this last week has wore me down.
i have seen some nfs workunits take upwards of 4-5 gb the same with the lattice project i have seen more. the most ram for a single project i think was neurona@home which is no longer active... but it used up to like 10-12gb+ per workunit.
thanks a lot man. hope i win
a lot of times the server has wu limits. they might only allow a certain amount of unit at any given time... and require those to be uploaded before they will send you more.
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