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Sorry Tex
it actually might have been right. you had 3,211 points, and was ranked 1,878,411 in the world. was that close?
I'll trade you my MSI 7970 lightning for your defective card LOL
interesting. Never had that issue before. You best box up that defective card and send it over to me. freak accident lol
With poem you might want to run several tasks at once so you can max out the load and maximize ppd.
BlackRock is regular map RedRock is the new map LavaRock is survival of the fittest. All use BattleEye
yep. and running 3 servers at once on it.1x regular map1x new the center map1x survival of the fittest.
It is my home server too. i7 w/24gb ram and ssd. It has no issues with load.
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