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im the user of the day for bitcoin utopia lol passed 10billion in boinc combined.
i filled it out for ya
mine was down because of the storm, and they lost connection to my modem. too bad no one was there to reset it.
try running 2x workunits at once and see if that maxes out your gpu then
anyone playing the adventure games or doing rifts?
no internet at home for me either, i called them and they said there werent any reported outtages. I guess i am the only one. didnt have time this morning to do much troubleshooting, so i guess all my stuff is off till i get home tonight.
thanks a lot guys. we have tests scheduled, hoping her insurance lasts long enough to get them all taken care of.. then maybe finally we will know what we are dealing with.
They were to blame for sure for keeping sales open of products that obviously was very far behind in production... but.. they did post all over their site that they were behind with previous models so consumers knew what they were going to expect if they bought a new product. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
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