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i appreciate the kind words guys. I will still be here just a little more focused elsewhere. I will still be available via PM and the stuff i am selling atm will be on my auctionsite if you guys need anything. I will put more on there when i have time to take stuff down and blow them out. Anything i sell on there will go to pay my bills.
if i was still running it on my big asic i would try that.
they all have to load work into ram once they are started up. all of the processing is done in ram, the only other time they touch the hard drive is when they checkpoint their progress so in case you close it you dont have to start the workunit over again. So you can decide how long you want boinc to wait between checkpoints. a shorter time will save writes to your disk and a longer time will make you more vulnerable to doing work over again on workunits if you do a lot of...
For the foreseeable future i will be cutting back my boincing for several reasons. My wife has been sick for months and even after all the tests and blood work, we still are no closer to finding out what is going on. The icing on the cake happened on monday when she called me before i left for work and had me pick her up from her work and take her to the hospital. We got a call that afternoon from her work saying that management wasnt aware she was leaving early. She...
i am having problems yet. but it doesnt appear to be those, mine keeps telling me drivers arent installed correctly.
do you have anything else setup other than the cc_config file?
sure am
i have a 60ghash BFL that runs great and a 5 ghash BFL that i have had for a year.
any of the butterfly labs miners work great it seems.
people should be using my auction site anyways
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