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ok guys i signed us up.
added a poll to see how many would like to participate. If we get a good number I will sign us up.
whoops, double post. sorry
i'm in!
i like that, it looks cool man
the stock cooler on the 295x2 is crap. At stock playing any game that uses cfx will hit the throttle point temp. i think its 74c. Which is relatively low in the first place. If you want to get descent performance out of it, you will need to aftermarket watercool it. No doubt about it.
i think you can adjust the voltage, but the 295x2 has a hardware thermal limiter on it that you cant change, nor the fan speed which is ran by the cooler itself. Best you can do is go aftermarket and make it as cool as possible. As long as you can keep it under the thermal limiter, supposedly you can push it as hard as you want.
the stats site wont combine them, it would show up as 2 indivudual users, and would drop off the duplicate. Unless you merge them, it would be best just to enter the best performing cpid into the form for tracking.
if jvillaveces can send me a correct cpid i will update him in the list. The rest of the list is correct now. So everyone that has a correct id will show up. Let me know if there are any errors in there or changes that need to be made.
it didnt update correctly. let me replace it. should be correct at the next update.
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