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nfs@home and the lattice project take tons of ram.
try attaching the projects that need to combine on the same pc and running workunits of each. making sure of course that all the info you provided on each project(s) are the same.
haha... i see what you did there.
well if you'd stop hogging the simap tasks there would be enough to go around eh?
yay, replacement cards are always nice. the weeks before while you wait... and wait....and wait... arent tho
i will help..ctrl + everyone else.... replace with ctrl + v to paste darkryder. LOL
no no, its More machines, and More video cards.... and more Asics..... and more extension cords..... and more battery backups.... and more power breakers.... and more grieving significant others whom we tell to shuddup
go go go push push push
glad you were able to contribute man, no matter how large or how small the contribution... it all adds up
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