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stats site ready to go for the bgb.
looks like it might turn into a drone and take flight stealing all your neighbors data packets!
i also see you are about to be #1 in the world on denis
thats why my idea for you to run those extension cords over to your neighbors house is so vital
well i have it as my os drive, boinc is on my hdd raid. wd blacks there i havent ever had a ssd fail.
my corsair force gt in my gaming rig is up to 30903hrs and is still holding strong.
i think seti and were the earliest. not sure which came out first, it was close tho. i have been with seti since 99. when it came out first as a screensaver.
i dont have a drawer of doom, but i do have a trash can of doom outside for those things out of warranty. else i have a bin of refurbishment for stuff due to be rma'd. lol
time for another one
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