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Excellent work dude, I'm loving the quality of both your photos and your work so far! The raw aluminum parts look absolutely top notch, haven't seen a lot of people use drain cleaner to strip off paint, but man, the results speak for themselves. Same thing for the USB 3 comb - very unique and clever idea! Do you think you'll be using the Prusa for this project? I love seeing those bad boys in action!
Looks great!
This looks SWEET! I love the overall shape of the test bench, very pleasing on the eyes. Even for a cheapo 3d printer, once you sanded and finished the prints, they looked pretty damn near perfect to me!
Ohhh, the rivet weathering is very nice! I'm excited to see the junction box, I agree that the ones that you found at the hardware store look very nice!
Tool TalkHey everyone, hope you are having a nice day!IMO, sleeving and custom cables are sort of the dark horse of pc modding - many of the top modders I see on various forums do it themselves, but readily available information about how to do it is not as abundant as I would like (and much of the guides that exist are fairly old.) That being said, there are more options than ever for sleeved cables made by another person/company, but I still do think that custom sleeving...
They should have the same pinout...Dumb question, but did you ever verify the 850 to work, even with stock cables? I would also get a PSU tester, something like the Dr. Power is quite handy for testing PSUs.
Liking what I see! The radiator mount is very nice.
[[SPOILER]] Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great day, and thank you for checking out my build log! I've been working on this project for a while, but progress has been slow until a week or two ago, and I’m stoked to finally be able to post about it! I’ll first lay out everything I’ve done up to this point, and then update this log regularly as I make progress. Without further ado, let’s go!Background:I’m a highschool student in the Bay Area, and really love PC...
No problem man! With MDPC-X, it'll definitely be harder to get it to be taught over the sleeve, but with a little time and patience you'll be fine!
From what I've found, Teleios is great because it has a much smaller and denser weave than MDPC-X. This can be a blessing and a curse though. On the bright side, the tight weave makes it a bit easier IMO to make the sleeve really tight on wires - you still have to stretch it out, but not nearly as much as MDPC-X. However, Teleios can't expand that much which can turn into a bit of a problem, and make it hard to sleeve over double wire solder joints. Other than that though,...
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