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Such a damn shame, I was actually looking forward to playing this game since there are very few decent single player games these days.Source
In, could use this in my HTPC.
Skyrim logic:
Wow just wow, how many lies are these publishers going to feed the general public about locked content on the disk. Really getting sick and tired of these unfinished games being sold with content being withheld from you only to be unlocked if you give them more money.Source
SourceIt's happening
In, thanks.
Exactly this, the new consoles were Dated On Arrival and I just don't see them lasting that long with their limited hardware. It's 2014, 1080p 60 FPS should be the minimum these new consoles can do with every single game. Forbes article on this here
Hibernation and page file can eat up a good bit of space. I'd reduce the page file to a 1024 set size in both min and max. Then I'd turn off hibernation in cmd prompt by typing: powercfg.exe - h off See how much that free's up.
Desperation is setting in.
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