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Exactly, google already makes billions, so why should I want to pay them for something I can get free using any of the multiple plug ins already mentioned above and network blocked with my router.
Source Keep digging that hole Ubisoft.
Not true, they can always make changes to the policy. Like Target, they will only price match an item on Amazon if it is SOLD and SHIPPED by amazon themselves, all 3rd party listings are not valid. They use their own tablets to verify the price match to avoid complications just like Wal Mart who just took any word of mouth price willy nilly.
GTX 750 2 tiers above a 275,3107-7.html
Absolutely nothing, seems people like to bash them left and right on here.
Ah damn could've used that card in my HTPC.
Along with all season pass and DLC content as well, I don't buy incomplete games either.
Ah so it's worse than secure rom as it literally kills your SSD blocks unnecessarily faster than normal. Unless they plan on reimbursing customers for the excessive wear on their SSD's, I don't see this lasting long.
I have been punished by DRM with the Mass Effect install limit which I can no longer use and refuse to buy another copy because I should not have to buy a game twice, EVER. I have also been punished with Crysis Warhead on steam, I reinstalled it one day and it said I had reached the maximum amount of activations. I contacted EA to ask for more and the only thing they offered to do for me is a 15% off coupon for another copy. And now a I have an unplayable copy of Warhead...
Preach it man, and I to enjoy spending the money I save by not buying these DRM locked nickle and diming DLC/season pass games on more productive things in life that are worth my time and investment.
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