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Yet you mention that you've already bought the Gold edition for FC4 and AC:U
By dirt cheap I mean pennies on the dollar such as Humble Bundles, etc. which the money goes to charity and the games are just a bonus. This isn't a "I hate Ubisoft mentality" the entire game industry is a joke today and I personally cannot wait for another burst to happen to turn it around.Exactly
Pretty much, I blame them for the continuation of cut content from games to be sold extra at release. Plain and simple suckers to say the least.I'm right there with you and that is one of the reasons that I did not purchase FC3 at all. As an active animal conversationalist and a strong opposer to trophy hunting I will be using the $90 that FC4 is worth and will be including it in my bi yearly donation to LCF and LA as that will be a better use of my money.Exactly a game...
Pretty much the same for me. I have drastically cut back on purchasing any type of Triple A games from any company over the past 4-5 years. I refuse to pay for an incomplete product to only have the rest of it purposely withheld from the final product only to be sold to me for more money upon release. These type of games are the ones I wait to go on extreme discount, are given away for free, or find a way to borrow it. Gaming today is a joke with all the cut backs of...
I believe this is what you're looking for?
So you are not getting any power whatsoever? Could be a short in the case, try building the PC outside the case on box or something that wont short it out. You could try the reset button header on the power switch pins on the mobo and see if the power switch did go bad.
In, thanks
I second this, just back up everything and get an SSD. Much more reliable and will give the laptop new life and speed.
I've used the CX 430 in about 50 low power builds and have yet to run across a lemon. For that price range you can't really get anything better for the money.
In, would be nice to have something fresh to play in this game drought.
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