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I would be forever grateful to you if I were to win this. I recently had to sell my 2500k + 7870 machine back in July to help cover my grandfathers funeral. And now I am on a core i3 with a 5850, so unless my financial situation changes in the next 6 months, I don't see myself being able to upgrade until at least Oct. next year. Would really like to be able to play The Witcher 3 and GTA 5 next year as 2014 was an abysmal year for games for me.
Ditto, same here. Already dropped Office due to their current subscription practice, Libre office and Open Office full-fill my needs just fine without worrying about payment to use a piece of software. If subscription based OS's are in the future, it's linux for everything for me.
Tomb Raider
Star Wolves thanks
Seriously, who needs steam? It's being up voted right now on
Yes, please.
Also, see if there's a firmware update via the corsair toolbox, here
In, thanks.
Failing ram or power supply possibly. I'd test the ram first. Quickest way would be to run the windows memory diagnostic from the start menu, just search for it.
Try magic jelly bean, recover keys or SIW
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