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Thank you for posting this, as someone that was born into and raised in a military family, I know exactly where you are coming from. As someone that does not use any form of popular social media or use any platform that collects data (google, Apple) let alone posted a picture of myself anywhere on the open web, I hold my privacy rights in the highest regard possible. I refuse to use anything that puts those rights in jeopardy or compromises them altogether. Microsoft made...
I could not agree more with this statement. As long as I have my Windows 7 ISO's and product keys and everything activates as it should I will continue to use the Windows version I paid for in 2009 until 2020. I am in control of what OS I use, not MS, not going to accept it because they are literally forcing it down peoples throat.When Win 7 becomes unsupported in 2020, I will switch to the licenses of Win 8.1 I have sitting around and use that until 2023, hopefully by...
Going to have to second this appraisalOn ebay I found the recent sold average prices to be:CPU - $80 - $120Board - $100 - $200 depending on completeness of accessories and what notRAM - $25 - $30
How fresh is the install and have any other updates been installed since the installation? If you can I would do a fresh install and install that update KB before any other updates and it should update just fine.
Ran into the same issue a while back, you need to install this KB to update the windows update client,
SourceDownload Here
So Apple provided information to have this guy arrested, yet refused to do anything when asked to get information from a terrorist's phone? Absolutely disgusting.
Don't really see the need for a 750W PSU in that system, a 550W will be more than sufficient. I'd pick up the XFX TS550 It is based off the Seasonic S12IIT internalsSame PSU different name at the time,
I'll take both if you don't mind.
Heads up, received a response to my support email that a new BIOS has been released for my board with the SMM runtime service removed So those with affected boards, check the Gigabyte website for BIOS updates.
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