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I thought it ran perfectly for you?
Agreed, it's not worth more than $30 for a game that's been prioritized for two generations of consoles. Will wait till it hits a price point I'm comfortable paying for since it requires steam.GTA 4 ran butter smooth for me with a Q9300 and 4850 max details @1080P, of course I got it after all the optimization patches had been released for it.
Ultra VNC:
Oh this is perfect timing as I am piecing together some Pentium 4 machines that I have stockpiled around that I want to donate to the YMCA that I go to for gym use. I have 3 machines that I want to donate and setup Zorin OS on for them, only problem is I only have 2.5 GB between the 3 systems. So the more the better so I would like the 2 x 1 GB set, and if possible the other set as well. I will provide proof pictures of said machines with time stamp if you would like.
This entire thread brings this to mind:
I couldn't agree more, HL2 is the reason I have a steam account, bought it on the day of release. It is true the last real game valve made was L4D2 apart from Portal 2. That HL2E2 cliff hanger really leaves a lot open and foreshadows a lot things that I would like to be explained in Episode 3.Until they come out with a ending to HL2 I won't be giving valve anymore of my...
Download and run Seatools Select your drive and under basic tests run the short DST and short generic and if an error comes up write it down as you will need it for RMA. Go there and start an RMA, I prefer advance RMA as they send you the drive first and send a box with prepaid lable to ship your drive back to them for about $11-12....
In, could use this for regular server backups.
Try this,
A few things to consider: Ventilation Holes ( PSU, GPU exhaust, etc.) Gunk from cigarette smoke can clog up the ventilation holes, which can cause the computer to overheat. CPU Fan When tar from cigarette smoke builds up on a CPU fan, it can keep the fan from spinning properly, which can make it overheat. Hard Drive Smoke can damage a hard drive by getting stuck between a platter and the head, or by damaging the motor. Can greatly reduce the life of an HDD by as much...
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