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Sekisui is what you want to use,
As someone that has done a few complete case mods, I highly suggest deriviting the entire chassis and painting each individual piece to get the best paint coverage and avoid runs/drips.I also highly suggest getting a paint stripper to remove the old powder coat to save your self a ton of time and effort to remove the old paint. This item did wonders for me will have to help it a little bit with a flat...
You need to update the windows update client, install this KB:
Psst Blizzard, your Activision side is starting to show itself.
I could really use the upgrade over this 7 year old Xeon as the 2500k has a much faster IPC, which will be beneficial to my work. Also need a bigger SSD, 64GB just isn't cutting it. If I do happen win this machine, I will put my current platform up for a freebie as a way to pay it forward. Also entering for my father who has a Q9300, 4GB and a Radeon 2600XT.
I'm in, could really use an actual 8 core processor instead of 4 + 4 hyper threaded for research/work and college, can't afford to upgrade from what I have due to other financial responsibilities that are far more important. The 8350 also has some instruction sets that I really need that my current 1366 Xeon lacks also the extra cache would be a huge benefit for me. Could also do with a GPU upgrade as well. If I do happen to receive this machine, I will put my current...
Pretty much, the only objective is to gather "stuff'. You use that "stuff" to sell or upgrade your equipment to collect or carry more "stuff". Pretty much the game in a nutshell, very time consuming and laborious with no real pay off for the time/effort spent.Defiantly not worth the $60 price tag attached to it.
Pretty much the game is pretty shallow when it comes to actual game play. The lack of inventory space is the most frustrating thing I have been hearing about this game with the need for materials just to keep yourself alive and ship powered it falls extremely short on an inventory system. Should have been weight based and not slot based, the lack of being able to stack same material types is also a huge inventory killer. The NPC's are bland and static and just serve as a...
Never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to storing data. Best to follow the 3-2-1 model:
Here's one for $70 Good company, have used them in the past, did have a DOA board from them, they exchanged it no questions asked.
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