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You can use retail media to reinstall the OS on the machine the OEM key is tied to. You'll just have to follow these steps to get it to activate properly: Code: 1. Once you have complete the install and had your activation attempt fail. 2. Click on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> right click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator” 3. At the command prompt type “Regedit” and press enter 4. In Reg edit navigate to...
In, would like to upgrade from air cooling for my 2500k:
In, thank you fior the opportunity. Could really use this to upgrade my hot, power hungry HTPC Georgia 2500k Main PC, Pentium D 940 HTPC R9 290X Main PC, anything better than a 2600XT that's in my HTPC
Agreed, this whole thing happened due to human ignorance. Employee neglected to change his password which was known to compromised and this kid took advantage of that. So no this kid isn't as amazing as portrayed here.
This should be a no brainer, of course it will, standard practice with every EA game.
The G640 is a 725 mark improvement over the E5300: E5300, 1533 marks: G540, 2258 marks:
And once again Avira is in the top 3, will continue to use it and recommend it as it has the smallest footprint I've seen and just works as it should.Many of the clients I do work for like myself only have a choice of Comcast as a cable internet provider. Most of them choose to install free Norton that is provided with their service. Whenever they have issues with their machines, I do a scan with their Norton and it finds nothing, I remove Norton and install and run Avira....
Poor XBONE sales and the disaster that was Win 8 are most likely contributing factors to this layoff.
Agreed, it's sad how they defend a company that could care less about them yet they defend the companies actions. I tested Origin when it first came out closed client/server network and watched what was collected and will never install it on any machine connected to my personal network.So you're telling me that spyware downloads,installs itself, and runs all without any sort of human interaction what soever? So those people that download programs with those little hidden...
Judging by this, the Q9400 is your only upgrade option
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