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Try Revo uninstaller
In for a chance
Will take all modules if they are available, have machines that desperately need them.
Exactly what I was thinking, got a quiet a few spare laptop HDDs around from upgrading clients laptops to SSD's. Just pop them in the family's machines and install the preview with separate MS accounts and wait for the update to make it genuine, free and easy upgrade without sacrificing the retail copies of Win 7 they have.
MP3 Complete LA Noire Complete
WildStar Standard Edition
Agreed with both, it's been too long since a good Doom/Quake game has been released and this one does not disappoint, only thing I'm interested in so far from E3.
Dishonored - Game of the Year Edition Thanks
Exactly what I was thinking, they're making up for lost ground. Kind of funny how they can add it to the system with a simple software update, makes you wonder if it's been able to do it all along.It is a good thing to add to the X1 considering the 360's RROD unreliability problems.
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