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Should be in rumors, not really a concrete source.
Thing is, Ubisoft already said this multiple times and nothing changed. So.. Me like many others, don't care about what they say. Ubisoft is not a company that can be trusted.
Awesome video. Liked, Favorited, and Subscribed.
I appreciate the feedback, but that's not my video That was uploaded Dec. 26 2013, I bought my Venue 8 Pro at the end of June 2014 for $200. The video is what made my final decision to pick it up.
Agreed with this, for the month I've had my Venue 8 pro, I haven't run into any issues at all with it. You will want to pick up a mouse for it since it's pain to tap stuff on a small screen, I use this one got this case/keyboard combo
This, exactly this right here. Funny how they can raise the speed without batting an eye with no cost to the customer. But god forbid once you go over their 300GB cap, they want $10 extra for another 50GB's of data. Really wish I had a better choice than CC since they basically have a monopoly here as ATT is the only other option and they are worse than CC.
Firefox does not work on RT
Firefox will not work with RT since it is not metro based, you can't install or run desktop programs with RT. Great comparison here
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