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I'm in, could use a upgrade to a "professional" set of head phones over the current $15 pair I have.
I don't like what this has become, just a systemshock/bioshock try hard using Prey's name to garner attention. I have lost major respect for Bethesda for canning Prey 2 even though it was nearly completed in exchange for this current atrocity.The new one just looks so generic and uninspired... Prey 2 actually looked pretty fun and interesting and was actually respecting the source material while trying something new.´╗┐This video lays out everything clearly about what could...
Try this: Code: /** * The mark calculation class. * @author Numbers * / import*; public class MarkCalc { static String studentId; static String firstName; static String lastName; static double assignments; static double quizzes; static double midterm; static double finals; static int repeat = 1; static double finalPercent; private static double weightedAve(int weight, double mark) { return (weight * mark /...
Download the ISO from here, Grab magic jelly bean and grab the current key off your current installation and use it when installing the fresh copy from the ISO
There's a 3TB Toshiba drive for $70 (with promo code) on newegg, 7200 RPM 64mb cache.
Looking to replace my 5 year old dimming 23 in Acer monitor with a 27 in. Will be purchasing exclusively from office depot as I have a gift card of $150 to spend there. Which of these would be the best bang for buck, also is the response time on an IPS panel (6ms) really noticeable in...
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2GB GTX 460's exist, we don't know which flavor he has in SLI, could be 2 1GB or 2 GB cards, will wait for him to clarify.
You should have no problem running GTA V on a 2GB GTX 460. A 1GB 5870 gets about 47FPS @ 1080P on normal settings, see this video:
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