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Yes I have the bridge put up with the other card so I don't lose it.
Always online requirement = no interest.
Everything arrived today safe and secure, cleaned both cards and put new thermal paste on. Only have had time to try out one card as I don't have an SLI capable motherboard, so the other card is going to be put on hold until Dec. when my brother finishes his BA and I can give the card to him and try out SLI on his machine as he has a i5 750 with a P55 board. Again thank you very much for the hardware it will be put to good use.
Wow, I just don't know what to say but thank you very much for your extreme generosity. These cards will be put to good use by my brother and I.
A little over a year old, barely used, includes Office 2013 Home and Student. Cover/case with bluetooth keyboard will also be included. Can be upgraded to Windows 10. Details:
Could really use these, been stuck with a 5850 for about a year now and will be for the foreseeable future unless my financial situation improves (yeah right).
I've gotten the best performance gains with smart defrag
The files are located in the C:\ directory as $Windows. ~BT as a hidden folder:
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