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I couldn't agree more, I have been CC for about two years now and it has actually saved me more than once. Had a tweaker attempt to attack me with a machete in the parking lot when I was leaving from work at 2AM. I shot him once in the abdomen then he dropped on the ground and surrendered after which I phoned 911 and held him under citizens arrest until they arrived. Turns out he was a felon that was released a few weeks before this encounter for the same thing, so no...
The card will go into my current rig (Leo Prime). I recently had to sell my main computer a couple months ago (Flux) (2500k, 7870, Z68 motherboard, 16GB, 256GB SSD) and several other things to help pay for my grandfathers funeral. So I am going to be in the hole for about $3000 for quite a while until I can recover. Until then I will have to make do with a i3 2100 and 5850. If I do happen to win this, I will gladly freebie my 5850 back to the community. My favorite color...
Ugh, still can't drop the Playskool/Fisher-Price/little tikes nonsense can we MS? I cannot take a OS seriously that looks like it's made for toddlers with over sized bright colorful tiles cluttering up the GUI.
What you need is a couple of these, they have a 4-5 mile range You will need something to install them with These use an ethernet connection so you need some RJ45 cable mono price is the cheapest for that. You will need two routers as well. Here is a video explaining the concept
Should be in rumors, not really a concrete source.
Thing is, Ubisoft already said this multiple times and nothing changed. So.. Me like many others, don't care about what they say. Ubisoft is not a company that can be trusted.
Awesome video. Liked, Favorited, and Subscribed.
I appreciate the feedback, but that's not my video That was uploaded Dec. 26 2013, I bought my Venue 8 Pro at the end of June 2014 for $200. The video is what made my final decision to pick it up.
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