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Increase it to 2048mb then, also it's not good to have a variable pagefile as things get fragmented and overlap so a set page file is best.
I've been avoiding CNET like the plague for a long time now, they have been sticking adware in their downloads for a while now and I can longer recommend the site to anyone who doesn't know what to watch for when installing things.Grab malwarebytes and run a scan.
Just set the page file to 1024 in both fields, it's not that much space.... I too have 8GB's of ram and a 1024mb page file has been plenty for me.....
Contact @grunion and he should be able to help resolve this as he works at Asus.
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Both are great except completely unnecessary for his system. A good 450 watt will be more than enough such as the Rosewill Capstone 450.
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Adblock is your friend. Just the content, no bull whenever I watch youtube videos.
Well it installed and runs, but when you push start it makes an error ding and nothing happens.
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