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I switched to laser printers years ago and have 3 Brother printers in my house and none have let me down, and they fit everything you're looking for.For color which has ethernet and wireless sure what other functions you need but here are the monochrome ones:
I feel exactly the same way, I still use my multi license copy of Office 2007 along with the free office suites Libre Office and Open Office. Not about to pay monthly for such basic software I already own or can get free alternatives of.These are my concerns as well. I'm not about to trade my 7 fully licensed copies of Windows 7 Pro, that are supported until 2020 away for a OEM license of 10. Until I see official documented proof that I get a full copy of 10 with my...
I know that feeling. I'm just west of Sandy Springs, GA and miss the mark by a few miles. Hopefully there is enough demand that it spreads further out so I don't have to move
Agreed, 9926 is my first run at messing around with 10 and if those options arent available in the final release, well I'll just skip it. I honestly don't know why they took those options out of the preview.Because I don't want my start menu to look like a Fischer Price/PlaySkool OS that has carried over from 8/8.1? Honestly I like having options and not have things forced on me like metro was with 8, what's so hard to understand that not everyone likes the same thing and...
Agreed, whatever happen to these options
Ditto, after removing the tiles from the start menu there is still a completely useless waste of space that takes up half the screen. I have yet to find an option to eliminate it.. If the final version is like this, I'm not about to trade in my full copies of 7 Pro just yet.
Pretty much the same expeience I've had with them. Linksys use to be the go to router before the buy out with Cisco and they have turned subpar next to belkin. Asus has replaced Linksys for me as my recommended brand since their routers have been reliable and never had any performance issues with any of them.
45 letters
Oh, I'm certified CEH and have a two year degree in information security with some forensics. Perhaps my current work experience will cover the rest, going to apply and see what happens.
Try using space sniffer, will give a more in depth analysis Most likely system restore taking up space which I would turn off. Also reduce the page file to 1GB. I'd also delete the hibernation file as that eats space as well, open command prompt and type: powercfg.exe -h off
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