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What kind of license is it? If it's OEM/system builder, then you can't transfer it as it is tied to whatever motherboard you first activated it on.
Speedfan is a very unreliable tool for temperatures. Use HW monitor instead
If you're desperate enough you can try this:
To add to this, on any freshly installed copy of 7 or 8, TURN OFF RECOMMENDED UPDATES BEFORE CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET TO PERFORM INITIAL UPDATES.I have been doing this on every 7 or 8 install I come across since Sept. of last year and I have yet to see a single Win 10 pop up on any machine with this setting disabled.
Would like Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist, Please and thank you.
Smash has been sold, both 64's are still available.
In, perfect birthday present for my brother.
In please
I see you're from Slovakia, any sites or stores from there you can link you can purchase from so we can piece together an upgrade for you?
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