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See my post 7 posts back ^^^^
My HTPC needs an upgrade, thanks for the opportunity.
I know this is late, but I wanted to give it some time to see how well it performed. Unfortunately the only mouse I have to test on it is my 9 year old faithful MX518 with worn out skid pads so I can't really say how it performs with mice with modern pads. However I do have to say it gave new life to the mouse as it feels much smoother and more responsive now with this pad. I do like the the stitching around the outside that keeps everything held together and how it...
So glad I invested in a WatchGuard FireBox and other dedicated firewalls with Pi-hole and other various other software to keep crap like this from touching my network.
Replacement cables can be found on Ebay for cheap, I would try replacing the cable first before messing around replacing the switches.Easy to swap out,
I would pay the extra $15 and get a used i5 6400/6500 just for the extra physical cores as I have tried gaming with a i3 before and the extra cores will benefit you more than the extra clock speed.
Do NOT buy it, watch this first:
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