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Giveaway is legit, currently downloading it now, thanks again
mine it on the wifi extender, then a Ethernet connected computer and compare the two results.
In for both please as I have gotten burned on other freebies for not following through.
First thing I would try to do is oil the fans. Do you have any 3 in 1 oil or similar? (Don't use WD40 as it will dry out the lubricant instead of lubricating the fans) So try tearing down the cooler and getting access to the back of the fans and oiling them with this guide: More info on bearing types,
Yes, you can download Windows 10 from here jelly bean can also be used to find your key(s)
Rufus is also a easy to use program to make bootable USB's
Count me in, please.
SourceJust goes on to show DRM is pointless and a waste of money and resources and hurts the consumer, as anything can be cracked .
The switch was rushed out. From issues with the left joy con, systems glitching up and freezing, screen scratching, Nintendo saying dead pixels are ok on a new system, to now the system heating and warping itself due to the maxwell chip. If the rumors are true about Nintendo not waiting for the Pascal chip which runs much cooler, I can see systems eventually cooking themselves as a result of this. See this video:
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