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Have you considered Zorin OS?
Yes, the Master File Table is created on the drive when you format it to create a file structure for the drive. Windows does not store the MFT for any drive other than the one it is installed on.
Source HNNSource Softpedia
As someone who has had nothing but a solid stable experience with Asus routers over the past 3 years I cannot recommend them enough. This one is a little over your budget, but it will not disappoint, you do get what you pay for with it,
Would be a nice upgrade for my mothers X300SE.
Yes, click the yellow ! fail info icon that showed and it will have info on what failed with a code used form RMA. There is a warranty checker in the same dialog box to see if the drive is still under warranty for RMA.
I would personally just do a clean install on both as there will be a lot of old unnecessary windows 7/8 files eating up space your SSD. So I would just download the ISO and install as normal with your windows 7/8 key when prompted. Also not sure if you mistook June 29th as the deadline or not, but it is actually July 29th, so you have time if you still need to get things ready. And who knows Microsoft may...
When you say you stopped overclocking, did you load optimized defaults? I would try running Intel Burn test + Heaven at the same time to really test the power supply.
Seagate seatools is what you want to use to correctly troubleshoot your drive, Run SMART test and short self under basic tests, will let you right away if there is anything wrong with the drive.
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