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Was AHCI enabled on the old setup? If so you will need to enable it on the new setup to avoid the instant bluescreen.
Thank you for the generous giveaway and congratulations everyone. They arrived today along with my RMA replacement for my G402 from Logitech. Unfortunately I cannot use the heaphones yet as I lack a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter to use them. Don't know when I will get around to purchasing one as I just had to drop $3k for a new transmission for my truck Thanks again @pez!
Got a 10% off coupon from EVGA for a power supply from a black friday purchase. Passing this off as I have already purchased the power supplies I needed during their 50% deal. Will only work on new non b stock power supplies in their store. Coupon expires 12/26/2017 Please post which PSU you intend on purchasing with this coupon and I will pick a winner this weekend.
Get them HERE
In, could use a nice pair of headphones.
In, thanks.
Was subscribed already and entered the gleam entry form, posting here just to make sure.
Entry 2
jGrasp for Java is pretty solid, and it works on windows and linux
Entry 1
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