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What upgrade?
Not sure what you're referring to but an OEM copy of windows has been $99 since XP. Full version of 8.1 is $100 one I see for $200 is 8.1 Pro Full
Exactly, they will lure people in with the free upgrade for a year deal then start pushing installations such as this as part of agreement. As the saying goes, if something is free then the real product is you.Windows 7 will be the last solid OS MS puts out if this kind of crap continues, it's already referred to as the new Windows XP.
It's the game, still buggy from release from what I can tell as many others are having the same problem all over the net. Waiting for a proper patch before I go and borrow my brothers physical copy to install as he's having the same issues you are.
Will take Asint ddr3 2gb 1600 laptop ram if it's a single 2GB stick.
In, grandmother could use the upgrade over Vista.
Ah so there is a form of DRM just to play single player, and even if you wanted to play offline you'd still have to log into social club and save your credentials else the game would be useless until you can connect to social club. Really don't like a system like that holding my games hostage from me until I can log into an account to play them, especially single player games since that's all I play.I'm willing to bet that once Valve works out their paid mod scheme (they...
SourceIt's official I will not be purchasing this game at all now, no mods allowed at all killed any interest I had at all in this game.
There's nothing wrong with your drives, everything looks good. Any drive can die at any time, not just your model of drive, that's why you should always have backups of everything you want to keep regardless of what kind of hard drive is storing your data. I would upgrade the firmware to ensure proper functioning of the drive I'd also test the drives with Seatools and if there is problem with the drive it will give...
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