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Will take punch club, thanks.
Use InsomniaX
SourceSo using KB+Mouse is considered cheating now? Wow, just wow.
Argh, I have an invoice on file where I ordered 250 DVD- CDRW drives for use in a high school's custom built computers from 2005, and I don't live in one of the listed states, could really use an extra $2500 this year
Agreed, with Denuvo games have become more of a rental rather than a purchase nowadays. There was plenty of issues where people couldn't start their game in single player offline mode due to Denuvo. Some examples: video of how Denuvo will affect games if it goes under:
This is very important and great news to me. As I am planning on saving up for a new platform near the end of the year, this just confirms that it will be a Zen platform I upgrade to. Will be sticking with 7 until 2020 and switching to 8.1 until 2023.
I've run into this problem before, the drive is not defective. It has to do with BIOS, have you updated your motherboards bios to the most current available. Also you may want to check to see if there is a firmware update for the drive have fixed this problem before with Hiren's Boot CD, here is someones video showing exactly what to do:
I'll just leave this here:
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