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SourceIt's official I will not be purchasing this game at all now, no mods allowed at all killed any interest I had at all in this game.
There's nothing wrong with your drives, everything looks good. Any drive can die at any time, not just your model of drive, that's why you should always have backups of everything you want to keep regardless of what kind of hard drive is storing your data. I would upgrade the firmware to ensure proper functioning of the drive I'd also test the drives with Seatools and if there is problem with the drive it will give...
Interesting, any idea which mold? I think a MP 10 or MP 01 would stand out the best given their size.Old clip from Call For Help from over 10 years ago that drew my attention to the site while in college. Segment with Admin starts at 27 min.
Not surprised at all, didn't see a single unit move at my local Target when they had them. Even at 75% off they were still sitting on the shelf.
I take it @IMI4tth3w hasn't checked this thread?
You'll need an adapter,
Disgusting, nothing more than another way for valve to make a cash grab off others work and possibly the games developer making more profit on top of the game you already purchased. Mods used to be about being able to create beyond what the original game was with all sorts of add ons and total conversions of games. Now everything has to be monetized, really getting sick and tired of the state of gaming and can't wait for another crash.
After seeing the XFX warranty denials that have been brought up on this forum over the years and having my own experience with them, I would avoid them at all costs. Sure the Sapphire costs more, but you will get much better RMA service if you ever need it, plus all Sapphire cards that I've owned have been solid.
Seagate hate train is so out of control on this forum it isn't even funny. So they made a bad line (7200.11) which I have a few of and only one developed issues which I RMA'd and got a 7200.12 back which has been working fine since 2011.This, green drives are not meant for server applications, so those results are completely null.Thank you, I was looking for that article, backblaze isn't the end all be all when it comes to failure rates for HDD's. I question their ...
Interested in the X700, 7570 (if it falls though) and 550 tuner.
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