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You have to get their attention either by mentioning them @hellr4isEr or PMing them, not everyone rechecks a freebie thread after they enter.
I'd strongly advise against the DIR-655. Had it in use for less than a year after getting fed up with it and replaced it with an RT-N66U. The 655 could barely keep up with 4 wireless computers in my house with basic web browsing. I'd have to reboot it at least once a week, it got to the point where it was under load too much and it kept kicking computers off the network. So for what you are planning to do, the 655 would not hold up at all, I would avoid D Link at all cost....
Things I usually do immediately after installing windows: Turn off system restore. Disable and delete the hibernation file. (Open command prompt and enter: powercfg.exe -h off ) Shrink page file to 1GB Change power settings Disable UAC Install device drivers
I'm in
So Larry Page can't invest some of that ~ $30 Billion fortune he's sitting on into YT? Must be building another mega yacht.Same here, been using those plug ins for years, I don't even know what an ad looks like anymore Agreed with the subscription service idea, not many people are going to shell out for something that's always been "free" for years.
Sounds like your HDD is going soon, I'd backup and start looking for a replacement.
Go watch Alpha Omega Sin's youtube video about this news, sums up my thoughts perfectly. Can't link it here due to heavy vulgarity
So the talentless trash is looking for new outlets to spread his filth. Also when did the news section become TMZ?
Nope not possible, can only SLi with like cards 780 with 780, 980 with 980, and so on.
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