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I replaced my rented modem with this a year ago and I have never seen a message like that pop up at all. Just make sure the modem you get is approved for use by Comcast.As for routers, I currently use this and it has been solid and stable,
Never had any issues with the Brother laser printers I own and will continue to use them as my primary printer.This is why I use a continuous ink supply system on my two older HP printers. And if I do run into an issue with a cartridge, I just grab a recycled two pack off ebay for $10 - $15 (depending on black or color) and if they don't work right, the company has sent me replacements free of charge. So I have not and will not support HP directly anymore.I will never...
More than likely has to do with the HP/Samsung printer merger since Dell printers are re branded Samsung/Lexmark hardware with a price mark up.Source
Looking good so far, looking forward tot he final product.For my second mod I did not use any primer at all. I used Rustoleum protective enamel as my choice of paint, haven't had any chipping with it. I do not use primers on the plastic, just abraised it sand paper and painted it.These are the rivets I used to rebuild my cases with
Sounds like the graphics chip has gone bad or needs to have the solder re flowed for proper contact between the board and chip. Both are not an easy fix unless you have the proper equipment.
What EA really needs to do is make a complete ME trilogy collection and include ALL of the DLC. Skyrim already has the legendary edition, even The Witcher 3 has the GOTY edition with everything included. Really don't see why EA/Bioware can't make an all in one collection other than greed.I couldn't agree more, the way EA/Bioware has been releasing stuff, they should not be messing with the classics and more than likely ruining them. We all saw how Battlefront flopped last...
No you're not missing anything, title is misleading, in fact there is no mention of the word cancelled in the source linked. This is about EA choosing not to do remasters of the previous ME games.
This has been a long time coming, surprised this has taken this long to happen. During my early college years I actually considered pursuing a degree with ITT tech in 2004, went in for an interview and everything. After finding out about the cost per semester and financial aid would not cover it, I immediately dropped the idea of pursuing that path. I decided to pursue a degree in electronics technology at community college with everything covered by financial aid. Even...
Try the following: Plug in your USB key, turn on your PC and go into the BIOS (DEL). Then go into "Advanced BIOS Features -> Hard Disk Boot Priority" Change "USB-HDD0 - Brand Name Of USB Key" to number "1" on the Boot Sequence. Reboot. It will now automatically boot from your USB Key. If the BIOS fails to detect your USB Key then Unplug and Replug it whilst on this BIOS screen, reboot, then go back into the BIOS and try again. It will now appear.
Try the following:
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