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To those worried about the large patch download eating up space on their drive, the patch actually reduces the size of the overall install. Went ahead and let my game update to be ready for Dreamhack this weekend and here are the results: Before 6.66 patch: After 6.66 Patch:
Doom does not currently offer that option:
Yes, much better performance. An original titan falls between a 780 and 780 ti on this chart:
An original titan would be a side grade from what you have now that wont really net much noticeable performance increase. I would recommend a GTX 1070 or 980 ti to see any type of noticeable and worthwhile upgrade. See this hierarchy chart for reference, as you want your upgrade to be at least 3 tiers above your current card to get any sort of performance improvement,,4388.html
PSU's dont last forever, which is why they are commonly called field replaceable units when repairing computers. Quality of parts that the PSU is built of + usage and stress of the PSU over ~8 years = degradation of the hard ware inside thus leading to the issues you are experiencing today. Also repairing a PSU isn't as easy as swapping a capacitor out, it could be any number of things failing, such as diodes, rectifier bridge, transformer, inductors, transistors,...
Thermaltake PSU's weren't built that well around that time, so it's no surprise that it is giving you problems now. Time to replace it with something better built, what is your budget?
Would like to give, NORTH a try, thanks.
What's your budget? I highly recommend Asus routers as they have become the most reliable I have ever used over the past 6 years. Have never had to reboot mine or any other non sense with the lower end crap like belkin, d link, linksys, or tp link other than periodic firmware updates every now and then. I suggest this one for your needs, Also like the built VPN server of this router so I...
Both firefox and chrome flag the host mirror site as a security risk:
That link is dead and goes no where safe, here's a better source,
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