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This shows exactly how bad the Call of Duty series is doing. They finally remake the game that fans loved the most and they tie that crap to a game that no one gives a damn about. "Want the classic maps you loved? By this space turd as well!" Nothing more than fluffing up the numbers to please share holders.
Agreed, PC games stopped holding much value to me when they started going full digital at full retail price with season passes and $30 DLC nonsense. I'm old school, I like a physical copy of the game I have full control over that requires a key or a one and done activation check. I don't like my purchased software locked behind a log in weather it has an offline mode or not, it's still locked behind a log in.Yep, treat people right and people will buy your product. They...
Items still have not sold, will be going to goodwill at the end of the week. Final chance to make offers on anything and everything.
Fixed my post, didn't realize the message it was portraying so I corrected it. Yes, if you are capped now regardless of speed, you will be raised to 1TB.
All current residential speeds that have a cap regardless of speed will be raised to 1TB. Had a Docsis 2.0 modem with 25 down 8 up. Upgraded to Docsis 3.0 back in August with a new 2 year contract and still have the same cap limit.My current plan:I see now, thanks.Exactly, I have been with comcast since Dec 2006 and until a couple years ago when they started to cap me, I had no problems with them. But once I found out they were the only option I had since ATT was no longer...
As someone who has put up with this 300GB cap nonsense for the past 2 1/2 years with no other option for an ISP, this is a HUGE sigh of relief. I no longer have to budget my bandwidth in fear of going over and having to owe more on my already expensive bill.Don't see any change over yet, perhaps they are waiting till May's bandwidth monitoring starts?Oh yes that was a pain in the ass last year during July/August. Bandwidth was getting dangerously close to going over, found...
Final bump before I post these on ebay. I am open to any reasonable offers, don't be afraid to message me.
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