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I just turned down a Lightning Z at a very good price solely because there is no full cover waterblock for it. Ah, EK... Y U NOT LIGHTNING WB!!!
Holy Mother of...! I just had built a regular computer in that case Saturday - I remember at the time thinking about its potential... clearly my imagination was lacking. Excellent work there as always, and welcome back!!! My stuff pales in comparison but just to ensure everyone my project is shambling forward: - MoRa 420 white with high depth cover and 180-230mm fan adapter - 4x BitFenix Pro 230mm All White (no LEDs) - 2x Alphacool QDCs - not a big fan but they were the...
Coca cola also contains phosphoric acid
Thank you for your answer. I am going to continue using Mayhems Pastel White, I have 6L stashed in my storage room, ready for my extreme radiator build. I'm very happy with Pastel White.
I'm sorry, I made a mistake.The PWM pinout is Black (GND), Yellow (12V), Green (RPM), Blue (PWM Signal).You only need Black, Yellow and Blue to control the fan. The RPM wire can be connected to something else which reads the value, but not sure if you also need a GND wire there as well.
Dunno mate, I might be sinning with this but my impression is that Alphacool had offered a large enough sum or bought part of Mayhems business. With the management changes and 180 degrees turn on previous Alphacool stance it certainly can be perceived that way.
I use the good old "press a finger against running fan" method, seems to be working well. But yes it would be nice to get some sort of multichannel speed monitoring cable which only uses the yellow wire to read rotation speed.That would be awesome.
That's due to evaporation, it does happen through seals, tubing, pretty much anything but very very slowly.1. Yes, large radiators take a long time to free all the bubbles and sometimes they never do fully. However, what you are doing when revving the pump up, you put the bubblşes back in the loop and they stick to the radiator's insides, then they slowly come out again only to go back in when you rev the pump up.2. Yes, there were various suggestions to leave the...
What you said reinforces what I said "it's going to be fine as long as you don't overtighten the fittings on it". That's not a "tendency to fracture", it's how the material works, apply too much pressure and it cracks. key word being "too much". Too much pressure is bad for anything.
So you mean the bubble buildup is in the small green tube above the reservoir which feeds it? It's normal if you filled your reservoir to the brim. It's usually a good idea to leave some room for air in the reservoir. What you're doing to "get rid" of the bubbles by revving up the pump is basically sucking them back into the loop. Sorry but apart from letting some air in your reservoir I have no other solution.
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