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I have the G402 and the buttons aren't mushy, they're very crisp and tactile. However, my Razer mice have mushy buttons and so does my FinalMouse 2015.
Yup, just noticed.
Thanks for the heads up!Enjoying the background music for now... Edit: Aww, it's apparently not the stream I was looking for.
Yes, I'm aware that they make the panel. However, ASUS in turn accepts these panels and sells them, and that to me is unacceptable as a long time ASUS customer. Everyone that has these AU panels can surely one way or the other attest to them being underwhelming, and that's mostly because of the plethora of issues they have.If you RMA the monitor you'll just get another one that is just as bad if not worse. It's supposed to be a "premium" monitor. and for $800 or more it...
I would normally get very excited about this, but after having a lot of issues with the PG279Q I'll definitely not buy another ASUS IPS panel. Lesson learned, I guess.
I can run the game at a stable 299fps with a single 1070 on low settings and it fluctuates between 299 to 280fps on medium settings at 1440p.
Yup, that's just IPS glow, but you have minor BLB most notable on the lower left corner. Edit: Just to clarify, the monitor looks great IMO.
I got to participate the first time a few months ago and I've also been active on steam for years.
Out of all the pads I have I like the Zowie G-SR the most and it stays flat unlike the GTF-X, although after ironing the pad with a shirt over it it's also flat now. I haven't tried the Artisan pads, but a friend likes his Artisan Hayate Soft pad a lot, so I'm also considering ordering one soon.
I have two G403's and one of them was perfect, but two months later it now has a scroll wheel rattle. QA seems to be a thing of the past tbh. Both of them have the same batch number, which is 4825. Edit: Just to clarify, I haven't opened the mouse.
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