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Tin versions are cheaper, There also cheaper Gold plated versions too from molex. I just went with the best.OEM vs Brand&Tin vs GoldYou get what you pay for, Most OEM versions are just flashed and Molex are actual plated.
I use CTX3 from MDPC-X to crimp all my terminals(Minus a few since the racket crimpers don't work properly on those, Those terminals you will not encounter when making PSU cables).Link:^ These are Molex Branded Gold plated. Highest...
Here is the thing most people don't realize, The part of the terminal that actually holds everything in place is the Conductor (the part that holds the wire strands down). The Sheath just gives it an extra hold (Basically a fail safe). The Sheath doesn't need to bite down on the wire as long as it makes a circle on the wire it's fine.Also make sure your wiring OD meets the spec for the terminal. There are some very large 16 AWG wire with massive OD. Which will not work...
Yes you are . Cable Combs can clean up messy wiring, I'm use my Fiber Carbon Cable combs mainly to create a better and tighter arch on my cables.
^ ???? Not 100% why you quoted me but nothing was said.
This is the UV light I have from Amazon: is UVA & blacklight enabled.If you do use this Lighting and decide to cut them into strips make sure you you remove every bit of gel from the contact plates. If not the solder will not stick.Btw, you can wire these UV strips directly to fan headers if you want.Mayhems does make pre-bent 90 degree tubing for glass. You can also bend the...
Question One:Make sure your using a proper UV lighting first of all. I personal favor UVA with wavelength in 395 to 405nm.My UV Lighting which is UVA and Blacklight enabled. I had to do my own soldering, Sleeving & Crimping.I suggest using X1 or XT-1 Nuke, This bottles is years old from X1 series and it still holds a good UV Effect. I'm currently using XT-1 Nuke.
It's been having issues for months. Only way around it is use it and then refresh a few seconds later.
Not sure if it was asked or if Case-Labs have comment on it yet. Will we see Tempered glass for the Double Wide cases as well? Mainly THW10.
I originally only had the 3-pin version + USB, I switched them out to 4-pin + USB. I always planned to have the USB connection to all the devices. I have two Hubby7 connected, so USB is not an issue.I was just wondering if there was any drawback to have 4-pin with USB vs 3-pin with USB.
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