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My Vega 64 has been running since Friday and have played a little bit with OCing with WattMan but getting nowhere near the scores that some are getting in superposition. It scores in the mid 4500 range in 1080p Extreme. It does what I need it to do in games with stock settings, but like playing with some OCing and benching. Is there something I need to unlock or set to allow for higher freq. and voltage adjustment? Or will it take bios flashing to unlock options I'm...
Price drop
Roger ty
very nice. Never used an IPS monitor. Do you think the 4ms refresh would be noticeable?Thank you
I figured it out. C/users/my documents/bf4/settings/PROSAVE_profile/. open in wordpad and change MantleEnabled from 1 to 0
I'm very rusty with this. Where would I do that?ty
AAHhh no. Forgot about it... Will do now then install new drivers.. Thank you
I recently upgraded my 290X to a Vega 64 and now when I try to load BF4 I get the following error. Anyone have any ideas so I can play BF4? Thank you
I'm currently using an Asus VG248QE (144hz, 1ms gtg) I purchased back in early 2014 that has served me well over the years. I have recently upgraded my 290X to a Vega 64 GPU that works well with my current monitor. Would it be worth it to pickup a new Freesync monitor to replace my aging VG248QE? I have thought about one of the giant monitors available today, but it looks like I'll have to do without one thing or another my current monitor gives (other than freesync)...
Thank you.I set the core at 1700 and memory at 1100 using wattman, and while running superposition the card was pulling 320 watts and went up to 29c max temp... WOW
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