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did I miss a few years from building PC's that anything over 60fps is required now? Struggling to hit 90fps is a bad thing now? O.o
Oh crap i forgot about sending the money! aaand, when life gets in the way, it doesnt hold your place even though it were to be confirmed first. Good on you Carlitos714. Even though the army got in my way and i totally spaced on sending payment the night OP sent me his paypal, he still sold to someone else.
Ill take the 680i kit. SO NOSTALGIC!!! I had that back in the day!
I wanted the sapphire 290x when it were going to be released, but these stupid miners ruined everything. Although I did make a Nvidia purchase, I really couldnt be any happier with my GTX 770 classified
I dont know how much to an extent, but the creator of this 'program' said he would interfere if certain parts would take too long or there were no progression.
^I'm currently running my 770 Classified overclocked and an overclocked i7 920 @3.3ish with a Corsair CX600. No issues, no stutters, freezes or BSODs. I've also had the psu for a long time as well. Way less amps than yours so it should run fine.
Never used this benchmark before. Is this a good score for my card?
My 770 classified just arrived today. GOOD LORD video cards have become quite large! My last purchase was a GTX 460 and a 5770 and this thing dwarfs them! Could only imagine how much larger the 780Ti is
That's odd. One of the few threads I have seen where people have suggested a 780 over a 770 with a future sli route. I personally went through this as well. Asked some fellas and most of them all agreed my decision for a sli 4gb 770 Classified setup would help better than 780 for my gaming desires at high resolutions.Just my .02c
Just purchased an Evga 4GB GTX 770 Classified from B stock for 365$ shipped. Arrives Friday. Can't wait!!!!!
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