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MMM, half life in unreal 4 would be epic
Extremely late to the party but am now part of the noctua club assuming linux os?The most ive thrown at my i7+770 has been a highly modded skyrim. Im going to try dying light soon. Never played it but want to. Just sitting in a folder on my server haha
Ill look into the ones mentioned thanks
My current rig is being housed in a Corsair 800D. After owning it for quite some time now, and reading up on what I could do, this thing just has awful airflow. Im strictly an air cooling guy. I used to be a deep custom loop kind of guy, but stopped as its just too much to maintain and I'm not always home to take care of my system (army, being gone for training a lot and have kids, so fans are my safest route) So my question, what cases out there have great airflow when...
I see this tech going underground. Call of Duty, Counter Strike matches. Id pay to play those matches. heh
Ok, i'll say it...I dont think my pc can handle that...I might have to buy it for ps4 instead
Got that inside scoop eh?
Still for sale?
Include that stand and i'll buy them
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