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Is the ram pictured because its included?
Its always the greed that gets you in the end.
So doing this 42 times, and for 2 years is not getting away with it?
Is this older or newer than this one ?
NICE! Thanks for posting this. Completely forgot about amazons app of the day stuff.
For those of us who are more often away from our PC than anything else, this is amazing. I for one will be buying one. To have something that powerful will be epic for some emulators, and if they do port some good classic pc games, shoot who knows what else people can do. If someone out there ends up porting Starcraft, Warcraft III I'd be extremely happy. This will do me good out in the field.
Finally purchased skyrim legendary, witcher 1/2 and fallout 3/new vegas
Yea its a good decent sized room. Average again is about 25ft x 20ft. Homes in WA state with an extra room of that size about 300k-350k. The home im renting could build a decent theater room. Where im moving to and potentially will live at in CO, the homes with an unfurnished basement about 1500sq ft in size only run about 250k! Just all about searching. TheN again, this isnt for everyone it seems. Gotta live within your means right. If someone cant afford it then they...
what? Millionaires are not the only ones who can afford a home theater setup. Shoot when i purchase my own home im going to have one built. And combine income with my wife is only around $120k/yr. You do not need to be a millionaire. Those that i have met in AZ who were doctors that owned their own practice and businesses chose home theater route with some pricey quality equipment. These people were some intelligent folks who did their research. I feel you are making some...
quite many people actually. The average 3k sq ft home could support that. Those with basements have greater opportunities to building them as well.The fact is, if someone makes enough to purchase a large led tv in the 80+" range, they might as well just invest in building a home theater.
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