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I see this tech going underground. Call of Duty, Counter Strike matches. Id pay to play those matches. heh
Ok, i'll say it...I dont think my pc can handle that...I might have to buy it for ps4 instead
Got that inside scoop eh?
Still for sale?
Include that stand and i'll buy them
Is this still available?
Are you building a gaming setup? Because what you have is complete overkill.
Ill say this. My i7 920 has plex installed. I store on my unraid server. I stream plex to my ps3 and have 20mb bitrate movies that stream perfectly with no hiccups at all. I7 920, stock clock,asus p6x58d-p. So keep in mind im able to stream with that setup beautifully. You dont always need new cpu architecture to play these movies.
Is the ram pictured because its included?
Its always the greed that gets you in the end.
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