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wish sc2 wasnt slowly dying away. but its not really blizzards fault they released an awesome game like overwatch when they did lol
wow how are you having trouble with streaming? im streaming no problems on my home network no problem with an old athlon x2 240. most of my sources are full 1080p isos.... you sure it isnt a networking issue? altho, im running an vm running plex only where its taking all content from my unraid box.
pull a peter and poo in the hole:thumb:
ill purchase this.
Showing as in stock for me. Neat
Nice ill look into that one. I know im getting that for my sons PC for xmas since its what he asked for, but wasnt quite sure how it would perform to my expectations.
This is the build so far for what matters most. Some parts are going to be used from previous build. MOBO : Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H PSU : PC Power/Cooling 950W CPU : i5 4690K RAM : 16GB G.Skill Sniper I game at 1080p at the highest settings possible. I play a lot of FO4 and Skyrim heavily modded with very large texture packs. I plan on playing a lot of high resolution FPS games as well. I currently use a GTX 770 classified but it does struggle a bit on skyrim modded I am...
I'll purchase the cpu
I'll buy your ram
If the 75 also includes the cooler I'll buy this.
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