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clear the drivers first with DDU. I actually had that happen just now too.
The card is a Rubik cube. Everything seems connected to everything lol
use the powertable reg files. Your condition is consistent with temperature or power limit. Although i have seen mine with +50% go up to 340w
No one with a broken superflower/evga that could sell me one Pci-e cable?
overdriventool is virtually identical to wattman in functionality including the bugs!
17k graphics. Madness. The card is from 2013
Never seen my hotspot (lol) with such a high delta over the core, even when testing with a 85Âșc target.
Correct. Need one more cable for 5.I'm wondering how much wattage can the PSU provide on each plug. The standard cable splits into 2x150W 8pin connectors, and draws 300watts total from one plug. Could it handle 450watts?
No, brand new two years ago.It came with lots of cables, but only 4 x Dual PCI-E 6+2 pin cables.I am desperatly trying to avoid using these:
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