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I don't know why people complain about needing a Microsoft account. You can create one in a few minutes, and you can make up the identity. Plus, you can just login with an old MSN or hotmail or live account.
Aren't they both APUs? What chips, again?
See, I did it UNDETECTED.
This one wasn't easy. And I'm hardcore. Lol
Just took a fort Solo. Undetected! And hard difficulty too. Patience is a virtue.
One major flaw in the game for me... You can fly to get the bell towers. No challenge=boring. At least have ground troops hear the choppa
FTFY.... Hate when people say that!
That math is cute, and all, but... there is a tiny fallacy.People didn't watch the entire movie to hear the song, which I assume was short and heard once. Let's do some dumb math that is still in favor of too much money. Let's assume the song is 20% of the movie, which it isn't. I don't know where you got your number, so for simplicity's sake, I'll use yours as reference.You say $11.625 Trillion. I say $2.325 Trillion.Still, a nice number. But, a more real number? She will...
Just bought, playing NOW
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