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I know that's not what I meant
Ok, I could get into a heated discussion about it, but I won't
Well, I would guess LFK is Light French Kissing and that's a time then date.
Aren't games where they remove the DRM modified? Doesn't that violate the EULA? Wouldn't that make it illegal? Wouldn't that violate OCN ToS? Someone enlighten me, because I'm confused about what GOG is doing.
Gonna use stencils to label it? Make it say something like MILSPEC II B NEG 20160723 (or whenever completion date is)
I'm inspired. I'll likely do desert green on my next rig. Match the color used on the Army vehicles in the sand
Medium low guess.
No DOS, iirc it wastes a LOT of resources and may drain the battery faster than most games
Dangit another game I'm gonna buy and I'll never play the Witcher 3 or bioshock infinite!!! Hhaha
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