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Aren't they both APUs? What chips, again?
See, I did it UNDETECTED.
This one wasn't easy. And I'm hardcore. Lol
Just took a fort Solo. Undetected! And hard difficulty too. Patience is a virtue.
One major flaw in the game for me... You can fly to get the bell towers. No challenge=boring. At least have ground troops hear the choppa
FTFY.... Hate when people say that!
That math is cute, and all, but... there is a tiny fallacy.People didn't watch the entire movie to hear the song, which I assume was short and heard once. Let's do some dumb math that is still in favor of too much money. Let's assume the song is 20% of the movie, which it isn't. I don't know where you got your number, so for simplicity's sake, I'll use yours as reference.You say $11.625 Trillion. I say $2.325 Trillion.Still, a nice number. But, a more real number? She will...
Just bought, playing NOW
Don't like sports games, so... Meh. :-)
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