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No hostility. Just honest questions. Many post what they can't back up. :-)Just because they work the same on the UI level doesn't mean they work the same way on the coding level. There are several ways to create any program.
Exactly what do you base that statement on? What do you know specifically about gadgets? Are you a compute programmer? Are you saying you understand the coding behind gadgets and MS apps?
But that's just silly
I'll take the 500 pop limit in the $20 over the standard in the $10. Plus, the HD does look a little better, and has more mod support. For $10 freaking dollars. Whoop Dee Doo. It's $10.
In In In for the Win Win Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
AGH! The fights look stupid. NO THANK U They could have done WAY better
Your network was used to illegally download content. That is a fact. They don't make that mistake. The IP address is that of your Router. Either you or someone on your network did it. My Netgear N600 router tells me what all devices have been using my network. I suggest you change your wifi password, if you didn't do it. Or replace the router, if it is an older one.
Garage sale. Old people sell nice oak furniture for cheap all the time.
I'm in for it again
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