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I'm FINALLY downloading GTA V to my PC! I've played it on the Laptop, and it looks great, but I can't wait to see how the 2500k/16GB/2x7950 does! And finally going to mess with mods! Is there a good mod site? Like, how the nexus is for Skyrim?
A10 APU in a Surface? Yes, please
Pong OK, I lied. Age of Empires 2
I've been thinking on this more in depth. I personally believe that internet ads are a necessary evil. Many services that are free are ad supported. As more and more people block ads, it will lower the revenue from advertising space, increasing operating costs, and therefore causing free services to no longer be free. But, of course, there needs to be a much cleaner ad interface. Clever ad placement has worked in the past. These new ads that stop you from visiting a page...
Subbed to remind myself when charter sets up my internet
This seems like one of those "wait for the third version" type deals. What features are they wanting to include now, but don't yet?
Finally found these. I was gone for 5 months, and just finished moving to a new place.
So, what do I do about my media center htpc?
Give me good ads, not stupid, loud or annoying ones
Trying it now with my kid's step stool
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