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I became a Manager at Walmart recently. Yay
The most comofortable mouse I have ever used is my current mouse, the G602
that's not the license agreement. Try reading it
I'm trying to find a good monitor. How any games support ultra wide displays? What are the better rated monitors? I am open to these Korean models I keep hearing about. My dream is a 32-36" ultra wide monitor, but I'm happy with anything 27" 16:9 1440p or better. What are the good screens and deals these days? Might even buy used if someone here likes to jump from monitor to monitor.
Fishing pole and bow and arrow. Shoot the bow and reel in your prize.
Wouldn't be surprised if they offered a version of the phone with the 3.5mm jack, maybe calling it the Galaxy X1 or some new scheme.
I had to reset the bios, and then it worked
If I hack it with a ax, is it still hacked?
What do you mean? What happens Friday?
Probably not much gains in OC, but maybe more stability.
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