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Note taking? Walmart has deals going on right now. You can buy 18 pencils and a notebook for $1
looks like a zit
Yes I have. I can try again tonight. I'll install on the HDD this time instead of the SSD
After a little while of playing usually. And temps are fine, clocks stock. (remember I benchmarked)
I'm trying to play FSX and my game keeps crashing. Major glitches and crashes. Is this a common issue? Anyone have experience with this? My sig rig. I'm digging around too, but I hope someone here can help.
InB4 Oh wait. Yeah, aliens. But seriously, that's an epic set of craters!
You can. Brutuz is pretending it affects gaming more than it does. And brutuz, what about priority levels? Doesn't just work with CPUs. HDDs prioritize. And FOR THE FLIPPIN RECORD, the HDD rarely effects FPS. The FPS is likely only affected for a small amount of time when textures are loading, unless you are trying to scan with a high priority as you play. Besides, how exactly are you benchmarking?
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