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Oh please let TES6 be DX12
Why does who he is matter?
Try using the correct drivers for your system, if you haven't already
Oh that's right, some games don't have that option... But don't NVidia and AMD allow game profiles?
Couple of issues I am experiencing on both systems. If I ask Cortana what time it is, it states the time 2 hours fast. If I ask what time it is where I am ("What time is it in (insert my home city, state)") it says the correct time. It knows my location and says so when first stating the time. If I do searches with Cortana, it fails, all I get is the time and some error code in Edge.
Why do you have to switch? You set a separate resolution and refresh rate for every game. Maybe they match, but you have to set it once.
I'll never fully understand going past 60 Hz. To me, there are minimal visual gains. Also, the gains cost a lot of power, which is reflected on my wallet for parts and electricity.
Why not have your desktop at 60 Hz and games at 144 Hz?
Because this is OCN.
Would my 7950s see similar gains?
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