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Find a way to get hit in the head again? Seriously. Might reset it.
One thing I would add is Nintendo seems to have shifted the majority of their focus to mobile gaming zone ever since the GameCube. The Wii and Wii U were neat, but much more work was done on the DS side of things by Nintendo. The sales on the 3DS are crazy
I need proof? This is common knowledge. Pokémon games usually have 3 versions, and their customers collect them all (pun intended)
never learns? Almost every time they sell a Pokemon game, they sell it 3 times to each customer. And their R&D for their games is minimal.
Well, Comcast just raised theirs up. Others will soon follow
It's a game that needs a good connection to play. The best content, the majority, is only online. You need fast internet for that. It's not COD; no split screen.
If likely less than 10% of their customers use the disc to install, why keep using the disc? That's a lot of the cost they can eliminate to likely more than make up for the 10% lost customers.
It isn't news, it's a rumor. I'm surprised it hasn't been moved, yet.
I'm guessing there will be Neo patches for games. If you have a PS4 neo, you can download the Neo patch which improves visuals in certain games.
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