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I noticed the bar changes sizes when I scroll down from the very top. It doesn't shrink, though. It is replaced by a smaller version. As a result, it completely disappears for a split second. Looks cheap, and causes the entire page to jump. Might cause new glitches. Go to your facebook feed and then OCN. Looks too similar for my tastes.
I just changed my avatar to reflect my new rank in the ORNG. It took me a while to figure it out on my own. The new design makes those without instructions guess where it is. Turns out I click on my avatar. Regarding finding subscriptions, I added a link to my bookmarks bar when we first switched to Huddler. Thankfully, my link still works. I didn't like the old huddler, and I don't like this new one. Another also (lol), the "edit" button looks funky now. Almost looks...
I disagree with removing .net. I have been on here for over 10 years. This site has been through many changes. Throughout them all, one of the things that has not changed is the addition of .net. Without .net, Overclock is just a word. "I found it on Overclock", "Did you see that post on Overclock?", and "'How do I overclock my PC?' 'Overclock has some info, check it out!'" are examples of how the new name doesnt work as well as the original. Yes, we will likely continue...
What if I have BBQ sauce on my finger when someone breaks in?
BRO.... I hope Benny's goes to story mode, if not already. If not, surely it will be modded in.
Whenever you use the search function in the task bar, you "Search the web and Windows" It gives you results as you type, just like Bing and Google. Each keystroke, therefore, becomes a separate query. You also have "Am I still connected" test going on constantly, and various apps checking for updates, the list goes on. Some of you think you are so smart, while really, you just don't know as much as you think you do. Slow down, and use logic.
Not paying for this game.
Does anyone have proof, like Actual Proof, that Microsoft is taking any information that is considered PII? (Personally Identifiable Information)
I got here AFTER the butthurt began? Man, Let the company sell what they want.
Those strips they sell for rice cars would likely work. Check Walmart
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