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I'm doing a factory reset first. This is currently the slowest machine I have ever worked on. I would rather have a Pentium 133 right now. I think my HDD is broken or something. I'm pretty pissed off... Lol
I bought an Alienware 17 recently. It's an i7 and 970M, 8GB yadda yadda. Plenty fast. I've been working on computers longer than most of you, but for some reason I am stumped. I'll keep digging while I wait for replies, but I need some brainstorming. For some reason, this thing is VERY slow to boot. All I did was install Origin and CloneDVD (since deleted) and Steam and all my games. I installed Avast and SAS as well. It takes a very long time to boot, and scans seem to...
They called it the XT so they can add an X later when they release the faster one they already have.
The only reason their numbers went up is because PS4 owners decided to give the XBOX One a shot.troll.
Decent price, but bad reviews.
Haven't paid attention lately. I'm still at AIT, but I'll be home in 11 days Any good games lately?
Problem solved.
They are trying to setup WiFi at our place, but it is taking forever. Likely will be home before they get it working, lol If nothing works, I guess I can survive on Age of Empires and Dragon Age. Lmao Should be doing more PT anyways, but.... The 970m.... She calls to me. Which reminds me... I need to add my laptop to my Sig rigs!
Fort Jackson in AIT
Sad face
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