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So... Gameface?
I'm not indulging you any longer. Like talking to a mule.
No engine comes close to working like the creation engine. Those games you compare don't have the complete freedom of movement. No game but Bethesda does. Except for the edges of the world map, there is no place you can't go. You do something one one side of the world, the effects are rendered even if you are on the other side of the world. Just because it isn't perfect in your eyes, doesn't mean it sucks. No engine like it exists. It is quite efficient. And most people...
Yes. If it was as bad as you say, how could people play it? Name one game that has such a truly open world.
Must be crap. One of the best selling game series ever and likely Fallout series and Elder scrolls are the most anticipated games ever.
That's neat and dandy.I was talking about Value for Apple, not their customers. Apple gets the better value when they buy AMD
Makes sense. AMD has a better value for what apple needs to create for their target audience
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