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Recommendations? Maybe:
no, just the motherboard
Got my HyperX Clound headset today. So.... No amplifier.... What do I do safely? Recommendations? Some things are loud enough, others... not so much.
Can confirm
I mean, What a goofy way of addressing the issue. I have a buddy who is a retired judge. He saw this, and shook his head.
I might just try that. A variation, I mean. "I know some stuff about electronics, I want to work around it so I can learn more, and I'm good at selling stuff."
Go to 00:37 on that vid
Tried tinkering with your nview or whatever they call it now? Disabled some graphics settings in game? It's likely something simple that you can tick. Yes, it should work without having to do that, but you might be able to get by if you disable a certain setting. Maybe shadows, hbao, AF, etc. Try messing around to see if there is a setting that is the root cause
Makes me wonder why Best Buy wont hire me after interviews.... It's not availability, and my sales skills have been proven. I taught the hiring manager a few things, and he seemed to really like me. (nohomo) Maybe they thrive on derp employees?
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