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Yeah fallout 3 doesn't have passionate texture mods like Oblivion did. Not sure if anything can ever come close to Qarl's Texture Pack III.
So what exactly is this? Hollow parachute cord?
Man, I'm disappointed. Bethesda, I know this is free, but I think it was a waste of your time and all you did was build us up and bring us down. We hear huge texture pack and gift, we think it will look somewhere between "neato!" and "WOW", not between "Did I install it" and "Google search 'fallout 4 texture pack not working'".
well the base code has changed.they can only afford to patch 7. They do so as a courtesy, they never had to extend support. It is less secure than 10 is. It's that simple
I think this is very simple. "Hey, this is the old model. We don't really support it anymore because it is 3 versions older than what is out now. Our new software was designed to be more secure. We just want to warn you that because we no longer support the old model, there will likely be security issues with it."
They very clearly explain that the gift is not transferrable.
I'd say stop looking for ways to break a contract. When you click "I accept" on something, that's a legally binding agreement.
There is nothing that implies that you can't play the game after you get a different GPU or PC, just that you must redeem the code while the card is installed. Once installed, seems like it is exactly as if you scratched the code off and activated your game. No transferring and no going back. Basically enforcing the agreement that was there before, that you couldn't transfer or sell your codes. Deal with it. The point is they give you a free game for buying a GPU. Be...
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