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I bought a beauty rest. Best. Mattress ever. Individual coils ftw
Wait. Attempted genocide of the Jews was WW2. Pearl Harbor. Hiroshima. D Day. Tell me a more important war?
And next is... The N64!
Happens to me all the time. I'm not always 100% clear, plus I'm a major cynic, so it doesn't help
What the hell? We got lost somewhere. I assumed you were talking about huge new release items? You can't just call the store to have them held. I'm talking about those people who camp outside the store for two days or whatever to get that new console that is just released for Christmas, or something similar. And it's also called self control, and keeping the household under control. Working together to not get too many material things and to learn to live without them, or...
I know I wouldn't marry someone that stupid, and my son certainly isn't. Not waiting in no damn 6 hour line, or camping out to save a couple hundred dollars or getting something maybe a year early. That's stupid. Material things. .
that is horrible customer service. I wouldn't give them my money for anything every again unless they fix that issue.
Careful. No politics here.
That's a terrible argument. That's like me saying you can't definitively prove that we aren't​ in the matrix, so therefore we must be in the matrix.
I've yet to see proof. I hear stories, but I'm pretty sure they just clicked crap not knowing what it was. same thing as installing software. "yeah yeah I Accept whatever that is NEXT"
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