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Now, pay attention when you read that.
likely added. I'll open her up Monday
Why can't it be 4.5GB? 4 slots and 2x2GB and 1x512MB?
The reason he won't say is because he is trying to be more clear. I understand, I think.Basically, it's too damn complicated, and some of it is Mods he created and is fine-tuning before he releases it. It is not unlikely that he is trying to create a SuperMod. I would guess he is inspired by others work, and he is making his own versions of everything. If I am right, it will be worth the wait, and I would be glad someone is trying. Imagine. You have a super powerful rig....
I dunno, I still need to dig into it. Made a craigslist ad for now, while I wait for replies. Anyone else?
It has been confirmed that ASO7 has no life. (spends all their time modding) And that makes me happy. One day, I hope my Skyrim looks that good
Looking to sell it on eBay for a friend, maybe here. Please be sure to tell me what you think it is worth, not what you would pay. She's 90 and tired of it. Works fine, she just doesn't understand windows 7 HP Media Center PC Windows 7 Phenom 9500 4.5 GB RAM 8500GT 750GB HDD
Does this mean we have to change the old saying to: .... But can it run Crysis at 30FPS?
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