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How much would I be running if I were looking for a 2x120mm radiator that cools 2 7950's and my i5-2500k? Or is that too compact?
I have my Skyrim heavily modded for visuals. Not other major modding done, just visuals. It is very taxing on my FPS. Does anyone know of a fair way to benchmark? I'm thinking save game and walk around whiterun 3 times. Use fraps benchmark. Reason being, I'm going to reset my PC, install my sound card and newer SSD and 16GB kit (DDR3-2400). Improving current sig rig. I want to see how much better it runs.
odd. Like I said, if they are the same price, return the r6250 for an r6300. Walmart in your area may have the r6300 in stock still.
If you can get a refund, yes.
Good deal, IMO mine up.Review:
Where could I find an external HDD enclosure for two 3.5" form-factor SATA 3 drives? I would prefer USB3.0, but I could live with SATA. Found some for $100 or so, but surely cheaper ones exist?
lol I was no broI still think gift cards don't count
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