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Right now the XBONE is likely a loss leader. Remember the PS3? Major loses. And they barely are winning against the 360 now. Money is made in deals with game development. Money is made in accessories. Money is made in extended warranties. Money is made in paid memberships. I've no doubt Microsoft is doing just fine. Take this rough example System sold for $400, costs $500. -$100. Extra controller sold for $60, costs $25. -$65 Games sold for $120. Cost $90. -$35 Membership...
Fraud is FRAUD. Why is this being debated? You assume responsibility when you alter the card. You altered it, you screwed up. It happens. Deal with it. I'm sorry you are out money. I really am. But knowingly committing fraud is just plain wrong, and it makes you a criminal. This thread should be closed, as the OP has started to commit fraud already, by knowingly omitting certain details that would make the warranty void. No matter how you spin it, a lie is a lie.
I'm with littledonny. Fraud is Fraud and will not be condoned on this forum. OCN does not wish to be involved in such discussions, am I right?
Guess I need to do some research!
Or BOSS. That is the sorter I have been using. One of the good original ones.
23? Who cares? Why does 23 matter? #thenumber23
looks like it is time for me to hide.
Why the thread? Why the question? Its always upgrade time!!!!
So what kind of AA can I use with RealVisionn ENB? My other thread got ZERO notice.
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