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Crashing.... obviously the inis were turned into txt so I could upload...     EDIT: I can start a new game. Is my save ruined by old mods I was using? no way to restore them that I know of.... I'll try a few things.
It didn't used to be so bad
Dunno why RealVision is taking my FPS to 18... the CPU is at 4.5, and the GPU 1050/1350
Now, pay attention when you read that.
likely added. I'll open her up Monday
Why can't it be 4.5GB? 4 slots and 2x2GB and 1x512MB?
The reason he won't say is because he is trying to be more clear. I understand, I think.Basically, it's too damn complicated, and some of it is Mods he created and is fine-tuning before he releases it. It is not unlikely that he is trying to create a SuperMod. I would guess he is inspired by others work, and he is making his own versions of everything. If I am right, it will be worth the wait, and I would be glad someone is trying. Imagine. You have a super powerful rig....
I dunno, I still need to dig into it. Made a craigslist ad for now, while I wait for replies. Anyone else?
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