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These 30FPS guys are complete IDIOTS. They are getting this 30FPS from us, and through misinterpretation. PC gamers have long said 30FPS is playable, but more for Shooters is a better idea. Oblivion at 30FPS? Perfect. The eye candy is worth the FPS drop. Battlefield 2 30FPS? Playable, but.... would rather 40FPS if I need to have crap shadows. 30FPS is commonly the lowest acceptable framerate when trying to get the best playable eye candy. But, it should never be an...
All my peeps keep telling me: You should buy destiny!! I'm like.... LOL no
How to fix this right: Create an external GPU that is small and powerful, and requires external power (plug into wall...). Make the GPU small, and self cooling. Should be about the size of an external HDD (3.5" form). Needs to be clean, and smooth, so it can be carried in a laptop bag. Let it be designed for Ultrabooks. Lightweight and fast now, plug in the EGC (external graphics card) and it is a powerful gaming machine, or graphics design machine. Nice and...
short gap between consoles this time.... watch
I bought a smart card reader so I can use my work ID at home to login to their system, but I was wondering how I could get a card for more personal use? I'd love to do away with passwords and just use a smart card and PIN. Ideas?
That's just gross. Looks like hepasyphalitusaids
That's what people buy. F more people started buying desktops, we would see more. If a manufacturer makes a nice one, that's what I'm doing next.
Deserved bump
T I used loot. And it works with a new game no problem
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