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They are trying to setup WiFi at our place, but it is taking forever. Likely will be home before they get it working, lol If nothing works, I guess I can survive on Age of Empires and Dragon Age. Lmao Should be doing more PT anyways, but.... The 970m.... She calls to me. Which reminds me... I need to add my laptop to my Sig rigs!
Fort Jackson in AIT
Sad face
No it doesn't. It says periodic checks
what's wrong with what he said?
I bought the DVD pack because I have minimal internet access where I am. All I have right now is my phone's mobile hotspot, which is painfully slow and I have very little data. The game wants to install a 5GB 'mandatory' patch. Does anyone know of a method to just play the game offline? I'll be home in about 4 weeks, so it won't be an issue then, but for now I appear to be at the mercy of Verizon's crappy plans and poor coverage.
Mine *should* be here tomorrow. What's the word? How is it compared to PS4?
I don't know why people complain about needing a Microsoft account. You can create one in a few minutes, and you can make up the identity. Plus, you can just login with an old MSN or hotmail or live account.
Aren't they both APUs? What chips, again?
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