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My opinion is to stop at the Hyper 212, and if I have enough for a larger silent water cooling system, good.
I feel like we're saying the same thing.
Let me simplify my point.Whoever sells the most CPUs wins.Doesn't matter how great something is. What matters is will the majority of consumers buy it? You need to create a product that is best for the target consumers. That means a better deal than the competition.Again. It didn't matter when AMD or Intel has the fastest CPU. What mattered was who had the best deals. That's why Intel won for so long. That i5 was priced just right for it's performance.
Just because some people buy them doesn't mean they control the brand. What CPUs control it? I bet it is business and Mainstream, and we are the minority
None of this really matters. What matters is the value. People will buy the best deal for certain categories. Best for basic use, best for gaming, great values, best for office use, best for server use. AMD needs to stay stong with contracts for future console CPUs and APUs and GPUs, and start getting more business contracts. I don't see AMD anywhere I am, just Intel. What I'm saying is, it doesn't matter how great your product is if the competition is out selling you.
Why a super thread? Just a bunch of unorganized info if it isn't in the OP. Is this going to be one of those things where if a member creates a thread about one of these boards, others will comment that he shouldn't be stupid and he should use the official threads, and a mod deletes his very specific question?
AMD stock on the rise. Nice. At a 5 year high
Still a long time before I build a desktop again. Glad there might be some real competition, unless, as I fear, Intel is sandbagging
Should be interesting to see what happens to AMDs share price this week
Yeah fallout 3 doesn't have passionate texture mods like Oblivion did. Not sure if anything can ever come close to Qarl's Texture Pack III.
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