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Not paying for this game.
Does anyone have proof, like Actual Proof, that Microsoft is taking any information that is considered PII? (Personally Identifiable Information)
I got here AFTER the butthurt began? Man, Let the company sell what they want.
Those strips they sell for rice cars would likely work. Check Walmart
Simple Logic. Boss: "Is the Game ready?" Programmer: ".... y....Yeah.... Yes." Boss: "mmmkk..... Let me know when it is ready" Programmer: "OK." Boss starts shopping for mass copying services for a Release. Finds a sweet deal that you have to buy today. 3 weeks later Programmer: "OK, it is ready, BOSS!" Boss: "Good! Upload what you did as a patch to the previous version. I got a sweet deal on mass production!!!" Programmer:...
I've been forced to start an actual inventory system....
Neat. Now to wait 5 years.
That benchmark compares your phone to much older and much slower devices. Decieving benchmark. For example, the Galaxy Tab 4 is out, the Nexus S is on that list, and the One X was in 2012....
Found a link on milcac with instructions to enable CAC access with Windows 10! I'm excited to try. I haven't been able to use my CAC card at home yet, I always have to use it on military property.
I've imagined a third person MMORPG with live attack, no more turn crap. Timing is controlled by when you click and the speed of the pokemon. It would be epic
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