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50% off any EA title. And we only talk Battlefield. The only series of note!
Can't you take a pic of the cards to make a payment now?
Only $160? What a deal!
They make my unit wear them when you go to the latrine
I started the gauntlet a few days ago. Boring if you are high level tank
Why does Samsung need to use Kickstarter?
Well, that's all fine and dandy, but seems like he is taking it too personally
Why are people such freaking babies? Not just here, everywhere? Waaahhhh life isn't perfect, nobody makes the perfect flawless version of anything!!! Waaahhhh life's not fair!!!! How come stuff costs money? My feelings hurt!
Why are you guys arguing about?
Running the Gauntlet. I'm level 70, so I'm a little bummed. It's neat, but easy due to my high level. Meh. Has BGS teased any new expansions? If not, I'm just gonna play this through and start a new character and mod FO4 finally.
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