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With all this hype, it better be freaking fantastic
*Satellite Crash*"That is the coolest thing I have ever seen ever"
What are you even doing to use that much data?Netflix HD is roughly 3GB per hour. You would need to average 3.33 hours of Netflix a day to reach the 300GB cap. And 1 major title game is roughly 30GB. That's 10 big title games a month.
Honestly, I haven't used SuperPi in years. To me, it is a useless benchmark. I've always been an Overclock for $avings guy, not an Overclock for Bragging guy, and it seems to me that is the only purpose SuperPi serves. I also think that SuperPi can be very misleading. For example, If the benchmark software shows a certain intel processor is best, that's great and all, but what if the software or game that you use on the computer doesn't get affected? Or better yet, doesn't...
Just buy 2 DVI cables. The monitors should have come with them. If not, Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Cable, Digital TMDS Monitor Cable (DVI-D M/M) 6-ft.(P560-006)
No drivers? Why not? Do you know what drivers do? Mouse drivers use almost 0 resources, and are recently quite effective
Does it affect anything? Doesn't it just report what you have, not working based off that?
To me, Survival mode is more about immersion. Adding a save option in the menu will leave it open to spamming. Anyone who thinks they won't, I bet my privilage to play this game that you WILL abuse the save option on hard spots within your first 50 hours
I gotta beat it as they designed it. Then, I will play with mods. I don't agree with what you did. For me, I think a campsite mod works. And if you use the campsite, there should be a small chance you might get attacked while you are asleep, and if you sleep too close to very dangerous threats, you could be killed in your sleep.
I decided to give survival mode a shot with a new save. Holy moly I like it. Took a few tries to figure out the best way to kill the first deathclaw. Decided to sneak around, take high ground, dope up on Jet and Psycho and use the minimum with the big guns perk. Made short work of it while dogmeat distracted it.
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