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Crap game, but free... Is it worth the electricity required to stress my modem and NIC and Hard Drive? hmmm... lol snagged
Well, now when people piss and moan when August comes around that they have to buy it at full price will have no argument. There is no way Microsoft will have to do anything for them.
I'm not trolling.I'm intrigued, but not likely to buy version 1.
Waiting for the 8k variant.
that's what people said about Skyrim and fallout 4. And both games are sex.
Either this year or next year we will start getting true teasers of TES 6. So.... the rest wont matter.
Whatever, you no good dirty rotten X6 user.jk (felt like it might be necessary to say jk)
Ever notice what happens when you put the first n at the end of that? Look:openopenopenopen
Yep. If you aren't legit, at least don't spend money
Then you should take the upgrade. Windows 10 support is going to be longer than Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. I mean, if they release a subscription service later, you would either eventually pay for Windows 10, switch to Linux or Apple, or Buy the new Sub service....Besides. There are a LOT of rumors floating around that Microsoft may start offering all future OS versions for free.
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