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I recall the AMD thing but had no idea it had transitioned to the Nvidia stuff. Well, either way my price is my price. Consider it my gift back to the community for the years of help.
I appreciate that. I notice the price of these jumped a little lately but I have to admit I'm a little confused why. I haven't been keeping up with things as much as I normally would.
Up for grabs a very lightly used MSI GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X. It was used very occasionally in a system that was just upgraded to a more powerful card. No functional or cosmetic defects to speak of. Included in the sale is the card itself as well as all Retail packaging. Price includes shipping via USPS to the lower 48. Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have. SOLD TO Dimensive
I'll look into it. I don't mind using a 3rd party solution but I'm curious if there's a built-in solution similar to what the console version of the game has?
I've been playing (read: getting maimed) BO3 with my nephew on the Xbone lately. On the console, when you party up with someone it automatically creates an open voice session that works both in game and in lobbies. Very easy and nice. As part of our deal, we are now playing the same game on PC. We've figured out how to get partied up but there is no voice session like on the Xbox. I've tried searching but I haven't come up with anything. Does the PC version have this...
Mine is, as far as I know, an original H110 as I seem to recall buying it shortly after its release. If a quality 240/280 will yield improvement then I think I may just go that route. While I have to admit it would be fun seeing where the limits of the chip are, for the time being I just need all I can without sacrificing temperature or stability.Thanks for your wisdom on the topic
I'm currently using a Corsair H110 to cool my 6950X. One of the original fans started to loose a bearing so I am now using some Phantek 1600RPM fans to get the job done. I have my chip clocked to 3.7Ghz across all cores with conservative vcore. This gets me to around 67*C on the hottest core after sustained 100% load. The fans are running 100% in this scenario. Case airflow is above average. Without a doubt my processor has more potential but I do a lot of video...
I think his question is fair. He's stating that he's tested the GPUs separately in another system and both checked out fine; theoretically ruling them out as the problem. If that's the kind of thing I were experiencing, I wouldn't know where to start either just because of the oddity of the problem.Sure this is the news thread but you have to admit it's sort of morphed into the general thread for this motherboard as well.
My DAC is sitting in the box. I use an old Asus Xense for sound and it still works for me. I'd be all for saving a couple bucks by skipping the DAC.
Acer X34/A = 2800R panel Acer X34P = 1900R panel 34UC98-W = 1900R panel If you currently own an X34, you have the first generation, less curved panel. Very disappointing to hear the 34UC98-W has the same dark stripe. Admittedly I'm not clear as to whether or not this is indeed the panel destined for the X34P. To each their own but that's a defect/flaw in my book. I agree that it only shows up when a simple, medium-toned image is on the screen but I did notice this on...
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