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Editing memory and aux voltages requires Afterburner version 4.3.0, or at the very least a 4.2.0 beta. I see in your signature that you've swapped your Lightning for a 980 Ti Xtreme, but I thought I'd reply anyway in case someone else came along with the same problem.
Extended mode in Afterburner gives you access to voltage control. Only a select few 980 Ti models have access to memory and auxiliary voltages. The MSI Lightning and the EVGA Kingpin are the two that I know of. For the rest, only the core voltage can be altered.
That GPU doesn't have the full 3840 CUDA cores. Its die size is larger and it has more transistors, but I think that's because it needs to support higher double compute performance. In single precision, it still performs worse than the GP102 (until you take into account the HBM2 memory, but that's not part of the GPU).
His Rosewill Quark 1200W only has a 5 year warranty. Shows how much confidence they have in their own product.
Those cover the SLI fingers and might as well be left on when in a single card configuration.
The Titan Xp is simply the consumer version of the Quadro P6000, just like the Titan Black and Titan X were the consumer versions of the K6000 and M6000 respectively . The Quadro cards have a habit of coming out many months in advance of their consumer counterparts, and those who did their research would know that neither the original Titan nor the Titan XP were the "full-fat" versions of their respective architectures. The evidence was plain to see from months away, so I...
OP's Youtube link is broken. Here is the interview with nVidia's Tom Petersen regarding overvolting GPUs:
OP's Youtube link is broken. Here is the interview with nVidia's Tom Petersen regarding overvolting GPUs: EDIT: Oops, wrong thread.
Come on, the 1080 Ti has a 51% higher score than the 980 Ti. That's not "almost the same".
Don't confuse AMD's teraflops with nVidia's. They use different architectures and are not at all comparable (just like how you can't compare the GHz values of Intel and AMD CPUs). A 6.14 teraflop Maxwell Titan X easily beats the 8.19 teraflop R9 Nano, for example. Since the Xbox Scorpio uses AMD's GPU architecture, its 6 teraflop GPU will in all likelihood be slower than the 6.17 teraflop RX 580.
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