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So, what is with the download links in the OP? Surely you don't expect people to get their system drivers from random Google drive links?
Ethereum can be Proof of Stake and Proof of Work at the same time. It's going to be an extremely gradual transition:
Do you make the fan blow air on or away from the backplate?
Of interest is the 1 year warranty they offer, which is quite misleading, because they have to give you two years' warranty regardless of what it says on the store page: they are banking on Brexit happening within 1 year, lol...
This thread is nothing but pure advertisement...
That's not the source. This is the source:
The links I gave in my previous post are now outdated. Try these instead:¤cy=USD
If you're a complete beginner, get a Bitcoin wallet, then download the Nicehash miner and let it do its thing: The fees are quite high though, and it might be worth switching over to some more independent mining once you learn about different currencies and currency exchanges. It's pretty easy to make a profit. Mining profit is by no means eaten up by the electricity bill; that's a myth. Use this calculator to see how much you can make...
Your premise is wrong. It is a get rich slowly scheme, and even then you won't be that much richer. I bought a 1080 Ti for gaming a couple of months ago that I now use for mining. Factoring in the electricity costs and the gradual increase in mining difficulty over time, I will probably make $2000 per year. It works, and it's not even close to a "get rich quick" or a "too good to be true" scam.
Miners love undervolting and underclocking their cards for improved power efficiency, so you never know.
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