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Does anyone know what kind of material Cougar puts on the surface of the Bunker's suction cup? It's really sticky in nature, but it doesn't dry out, nor can I wash or rub it off. It temporarily loses its sticky properties when wet, which allows you to rub off small particles like dust, hair and fabric. Remarkably, it retains its previous stickiness as soon as it dries. The Cougar website describes it only as "a special colloid suction pad ", which isn't very helpful.
My mouse feet arrived almost a month early, lol. They don't feel at all different from the stock feet, which I had to pry off a while back, of the Rival 300 in terms of friction or lift-off distance, so they're most likely the same as the "official" replacement feet that Steelseries used to sell. They probably stopped offering those replacement feet directly from their store because they couldn't compete in price with companies like Tiger Gaming.
Thanks for the info. By the way, according to Gigabyte's website, it is the F3 BIOS:
80F is 27C...What's your BIOS version number in GPU-Z?
Who would trust a film review written by someone who didn't watch the film? Or a car review by someone who didn't drive the car? Or a hardware review by someone who didn't use the hardware? As I said, he didn't even install the card, let alone make any judgements or comparisons. All that stuff you listed is purely superficial and can easily be done just by looking at pictures of the card (which is exactly what they did for the VRM analysis, where one guy used a picture of... wasn't a review. It was a tear-down of the cooler and heatsink, and a look at the PCB. There were no benchmarks involved; in fact, the card wasn't even installed into a motherboard.
There are several 1080 Tis with >250W TDP. The Gigabyte 1080 Ti Aorus Xtreme, for example, has a default TDP of 250W or 300W (depending on the BIOS), which can be increased to 375W regardless of BIOS version. Another example is Zotac's 1080 Ti Amp Extreme, which has a base power consumption of 320W. In fact, the majority of custom-PCB 1080 Tis have a >250W TDP.
Press L when a particular voltage is selected to lock it. A yellow vertical line should appear:This seems to prevent the card from downclocking when at idle, however.
You like the HOF? You can pre-order here:
Thanks for posting this information! I ordered a set of Rival 300 mouse feet from this company for only £1.04 with free international shipping. I'll let you know how they are when they arrive some time in June (lol).
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