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I work for Verizon, selling those services... and im in one of the centers getting sold.. if it makes you feel any better, Frontier is going to honor all contracts/terms..and most likely will be cheaper than verizon... Frontier serves a very different client compared to what Verizon targets...
LinkI figured everyone always talks about the Patent issue, this would just add to it
I loved the swat games, I would pay obscene amounts of money if they were to make a new one that was just as good!
great find, thanks for putting that list together too! +Rep
Proof with link to re-post?That's what you're suppose to do I hear.
That's true, but still figured it was worth sharing!
Tons of games on sale at newegg! I didn't see it posted and looks like there are some great deals!
I can't believe that this many people really think its the phones fault for bending when people put it in their back pocket ...and then SIT on it" not everyone has had the issue just from their back pocket" Ya ya ya.. I sell cell phones and nobody ever does anything to drop and break their phone, it never touched water even when you show them standing liquid, and I promise I only dropped the phone from a few inches off the ground on carpet even though my phone looks like...
Appreciate it! -Rep'd
These were all idle temps: here are my load temps- note- I'm not sure what are good temps and bad for cpu/gpu but I figured 100c was bad for GPU and i had only been running furmark for a few mins and stopped it.CPU:GPU:
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