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It would still work for this build though right? I'm going to look into the seasonic brand now
Last update, I changed the PSU because this one was on sale and it is more efficient-and I don't need 750 because I don't plan on doing crossfire... other than that I picked a slightly higher rated ram for the same price, and a slightly different motherboard. Unless anyone has any other ideas for anything.. mainly a different GPU I think this is my build!
how did you get that video card for 230?
After a lot of research and taking everything everyone has done I put together this.. Does this seem good?
Fantastic! Thank you very much!
I understand that the 4790k may be better.. but its almost $100 more because Microcenter has the 4790 at 250.. that's why I was saying is it worth the extra $100?
I like the build, my question I guess is I really don't plan on overclocking too much-so is the 4790k worth it or should I just go with the 4790. I live right next to a microcenter so I can get those cheaper prices.
I gotcha,I just saw that it was only 60 bucks, what one do you prefer..what about the card.should I do Nvidia or a different amd card? I'm out if the loop on cards so not too sure
This is what I came up with, sorry I have a monitor, mouse,xoard, and I get my os through school,I am getting a case as a gift. I'm not sure if the 16gb of ram is Worth it or if I should go with an Nvidia card/amd card? Which is best bang for the buck. I'm in different on the card brand so let me know what you think
Its been a long time since i have built a computer and i am desperately in need of a new computer! I am out of the loop now so i appreciate any help! I am looking to spend about 1000-1200 on the computer and i am mainly going to play games like battle field and watchdogs .. normally shooters. I don't mind waiting if there is going to be a major release soon, or spending a little extra if it will make a huge difference. But, ill need new everything, so if you could help me...
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