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koreans know how to do a benchmark
wouldnt you be secretive with a uarch that is 90% changed since gcn? correct if im wrong but they basicly created (with hbcc)a unified virtual space this is obviously leading to be the first true hsa setup(ryzen/vega)
so bethesda is going to actually use vulkan only on prey or on every game with backwards compartibility? also unreal is going amd too?
i wonder if they gonna pull another polaris with ryzen undervolting them will give you more perf
you do realise that all the 8c has double or triple(6900k/1800x) the bandwidth of the 7700k? even if you oc them a bit they will kill a 7700k on sight there is no debate about that
i cant be the only one that im making a very very good estimate that what they showed us on vega and with what we are seeing on ryzen is just a coincidence...they are creating a unified virtual space on which they gonna use the massive direct bandwidth between the cpu->gpu to throw some of the most intesive EO that requires a lot fo parallerism into the gpu... if this is true having a amd+amd system will be the more efficient way to go no matter the perspective.. i think...
its not only about power..the sisoftsandra numbers showed us that ryzen is as close as anyone will get on having a 100% efficiency on memory bandwidth in and out of the chip
huh?so your argument is that because 1060 is basicly a cut down version of titan that means its better even if its perform worse? and then you go and use ferrari as an analogy?no..just no..its not like toyota cant build a car that will smoke any ferrari its that they dont care about building is more than just an engine its the sound its the feeling that it gives you when you see a ferrari that you can never buynvidia simply cant do that they dont have...
i guess you provide facts about that ya?
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