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LOL I love android... this just makes me realize that even more. OPEN SOURCE!!! woot. Anywhoser. My evo is running 2.2.1 FRG83 and it isn't released by HTC/Sprint yet. Would I pay for something like that? No, because the 2.2frf91 to 2.2.1frg83 wasn't that much of a difference. Would I pay for it if it was some badass new update... probably, but not much. We're talkin like 20 bucks or less. But that is all rubbish talk anyways because it's all open source ...
orange and grey/black is damn beautiful
I always get like 20ft of tubing so that if I miscut or want to move things around in the loop after i figure out I don't like the way something looks I can. And if I get it right the first time where it gets the best temperatures in that order and everything, then when the tubing gets old and nasty looking (doesn't take as long as you think, even with additives) you'll have extra to replace it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pao Eagerly awaiting a fully functioning port of that newest Froyo to my Evo. That is a very nice looking rom. are you on xda? what's ur screen name dude.
Three years planning to do this, and then some little 12 year old asian kid that is a math genius will figure out a better way to do it in 2 weeks lol. Asian engineers... sigh. They got them smarts.
I know it zealot. I have an evo and see all this stuff coming out and almost second guess paying a couple hundred bucks for it. But I actually sit down and think about it, and after the new tech giddiness goes away I can't really find any reason to get anything better. The evo does everything i need maybe end of next year will have something really cool that i can upgrade to. It would need to be a vast improvement
that guy is a master of ziptying
Some "doctor" in the comments section said it had nothing to do with the surgery he developed. The reason he walked again was because of intense physiotherapy. Dont know how true that is, but whatever.
I love HTC as a company. I'll be getting one of these to go with my evo for sure.
I love when they include stuff like this so we can actually see how little graphics cards are progressing and how much of a ripoff shiny new cards are.
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