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I heard Harvey Weinstein is looking for work.
I doubt he can afford both a mission to mars and his wall.
So you ruled out the FX-8370 huh... I would guess... That the i7-8700k has the best shot at a guaranteed 4.0ghz, but would it really be the end of the world if you got a R5-1600/1600x and were stuck at 3.9ghz? There would be considerable cost savings with that option.
I wish Crytek would open source Crysis, I love how Doom and Quake have been ported to anything with a CPU. It would be cool to see the same happen with Crysis in the next 10 years.
Great now some poor i5-3470T user is wondering why he can't game.
I'm not sure which pre-built company you are talking about specifically, but I'm pretty sure that 'expert' building the system is a high school kid getting paid a little above minimum wage. Granted after building twenty or so similar PC's he's probably going to get very proficient at hardware installation and cable management but he's doesn't *care* about that PC.
I don't own the Corsair H115i, I own the H110 and I'm at work so I cant confirm now but after using a bunch of different AIO coolers, I believe that the pump always reports 1500 rpm to the bios. I believe you could 'sort of' control pump speed if your BIOS or MB software always you to control the amount of power going to the fan header. That said I believe corsair always recommends the fan headers are set to max speed / full power. If your fan headers are set to full...
Many of the multi-platform PC games you know an love wouldn't exist without profits from console sales.
The youtube link: this was a huge disappointment. Giant robots move so much slower apparently.I thought the knockout was the best part.
A little technological setback might not be the worst thing for humanity as a whole.
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